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Wiki User Wiki Online

Everybody has fond memories of HRFWiki: Online, right? Remember going to the Trobots Cafe and picking up something to eat, drink, or shove in someone's face? Remember all of the crazy things you could do?

I surely remember. I mean, I was only a 3rd Gen at the time, and the game was more popular among 2nd and even 1st Gens, but I managed to sneak my way in and at least get some feedback.

And now that the purge happened, I'm not happy it's gone. But...not anymore. This is...the revival.



  • Do NOT ask to be a moderator. Doing so will result in a ban from the game.
  • You can use as many characters as you want, but if you want to be one of your characters, you can only use YOUR characters. (Note to Badstar: you can use Kyubii if you'd like, I pretty much gave him to you)
  • No spamming or trolling.
  • Do not make your own places. Mods will create them only.
  • No killing, godmodding, dying, death, or anything like that. You can hurt people, but don't get too violent, this is meant to be fun.
  • Speaking of which, have fun.

What can I do here?

This is a basic "interact with other users have fun go out for drinks party at your house" kinda game. It's pretty much a Wiki version of The Sims. You can hang out at the many hangout spots, and even get a home.

Sign Up

When signing up use this:
*[[User:YOURNAME|YOUR NAME]]<sup>[[/YOUR NAME|Status]]</sup>

When creating status use this:

'''NAME:''' Character you are being, could be yourself

'''INVENTORY:''' No need to add to this, just pretty much put anything you want here, whether it's something simple like a cellphone or a weapon like a katana or something

'''ABILITIES:''' Any special abilities? Can you make fire or freeze things? Put it here.

Put in other things, such as a picture, or maybe a short bio.


It's show time!