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  • Badstar - Connor1213 - Zero, Vent, The Cheat, and Kirby.
  • Sephiroth - Lexondarkheart - 3d Sephiroth, 3D Dalek, 3D Cartman, Zero, X, or WEEGEE, and a flying frenchfry.
  • Vindicator - Xenophunk - Kawaii Cleric, Devil Moogle, Red QBtar
  • Lemon - John Lemon/LemonDemon43/lol_im_cool - Kawaii Knight (F), sometimes Darth Vader, 1up, Shiny Lucario, or Hyper Robot, Ghosthunters, Wheeled Robot v2
  • JCM - JCM - Police Bug, Police Thing Thing, Bloo, Stickman, Wheeled Robot, The KoT (rarely), Lightning Guy (rarely)
  • X On Fire - Rather On Fire - X On Fire
  • Ryan B. - TJ the Killer Bass - Too many to count, but I use these the most: Tex, Lugia, Lucario, Red Fox, Fox Blob, Anthro Cardinal, Dmitrii Tarasov, Kawaii Cleric
  • Bell - Bellstrom the Exiled Cleric - Too many. Most used: Config Xleric (in either Jackspers Noirlecrow form or Subspace Cleric form)Subspace Cleric, Bell, Stinkoman, Kawaii Cleric, Kawaii Maiden.
  • TheDenzel - TheDenzel - Hyper Bot, Robot, Kawaii Knight, Ethan
  • Conchris - Conchris - Avatars in possession: Kawaii Knight (M), Kawaii Royal Guard, Conchris (Easy Image Avatar Remix), Kawaii Cleric, Kawaii Maiden, 20eric06's Wheeled Robot version 2 and a Ghosthunters avatar.
  • Meme3 - Me, Myself, and I - Avatars in possession: Poseidon TT4 style, Zeus TT4 style, and Thing Thing Bosses.
  • User:Strong Intelligent - Strong Intelligent - Avatars in possession: Tofu, :well:, Zorax
  • User:StrongRad - Strong Rad the Cuppin' Cleric - Avatars in possession: Keroro, Giroro, Dororo, Dr. Octagonapus
  • User:20eric06 - Admiral Tergeist - Avatars in possession: Eric, Admiral Tergeist, Ethan, Quakemix 3D, Kawaii Cleric, Easy Image Avatar, Kawaii Royal Guard, The King Of Town, Wheeled Robot, Wheeled Robot 2, Homestar Runner, Professor Billingsworth, Happy Fun Ball, Poptart, color changable box, Kawaii Knight (M), monkey
  • User:Sinta-tan - Sinta-tan - Avatars in possession: Malruth, The Black Bunny, Little Dragon, Lady Dracos, Shade, Drerian The Toxic, Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Weegee.
  • Raiku - Sirrus - Main: Sonic the Hedgehog, Others: Tofu, Raichu, Pikachu, Gnoll, Zorax, Pikachu 2, Mudkip, Robot, Gengar, Zero, Batman

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