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The Power Battle: With YOU!

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Ever play Megaman: The Power Battle? No? Well, the synopsis is to pick a character and a set of Megaman bosses. Then you fight 6 Robot Masters, then a Wily Castle Boss, then Wily himself. Well now, you can do just that, but for you or your characters! All you need is to follow these rules!


  • The first 6 bosses should have weapons for your character to get. The final two should not.
  • When adding your character, put [[/CHARACTER|Character Name: The Power Battle]] - by ~~~ under the line.
  • There are six areas for the first six bosses: Sky Fort, High Tower, <insert villan name here> Land, Ice Isle, City Streets, and Deserted Factory. The last two go in an area which you can name.
  • Do not make any boss impossible to defeat.
  • You can have up to three playable characters in one set. Make as many as you want, as long as it's your character.
  • Provide pictures of the bosses and players! This counts as Visual Fiction!

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