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Super Smash Bros. Revolution

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I had a dream:To make video games. This dream will start soon. NO! It will start with this! A Super Smash Bros. Game! Only dference:You can sign up to be a character.

New, less suckish Boxart coming soon.

News Log

  • WE seemed to have forgotten one thing in the production:Smash Attacks. We will be grateful if you could update your sheets so they have them. Death awaits those who don't.

Total Production Meter


  • CHARACTER SPRITES: Regular:25/25, Added: 9/18, Bonus: 18/18
  • STAGE SPRITES: 30/32
  • MUSIC: 0/33 Tracks
  • PRODUCTION: 23% - Certain Characters scrapped due to the Remakes Project
  • MENU PIECES: 0/24

Confirmed Characters

  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Kirby
  4. Meta Knight
  5. Link
  6. Toon Link-Play 5 brawls with Link
  7. Zelda/Sheik
  8. Snake-Play 20 Brawls
  9. Sonic-Play 50 Brawls
  10. Peach
  11. Jigglypuff-Clear Classic mode on Normal. If you don't beat him after that, he'll keep on appearing when you clear it.
  12. Ness-Play 10 Brawls
  13. Samus
  14. Yoshi
  15. Bowser
  16. Roy-Beat Classic with Bowser, then play 10 Brawls
  17. Ike-Unlock Roy, and beat Classic mode with him.
  18. Pichu-Play 10 Brawls with Pikachu
  19. Mewtwo-Unlock all other Pokemon characters, then play one brawl.
  20. Fox
  21. Falco-Beat the 100-Man Brawl
  22. Pikachu
  23. Game & Watch-Unlock all regular characters, and beat Classic with anyone
  24. Captain Falcon-Play 25 Brawls
  25. Pit

Rejected Characters

  • Ganondorf-Incomplete and Insufficient sheet
  • Dr. Mario-Hate him
  • Diddy Kong-Hate him
  • Donkey Kong-Hate him
  • Lucario-Incomplete sheet, will return in EXCEL
  • Lucas-Insufficient sheet, Candidate for return in EXCEL
  • R.O.B.-Insufficient sheet, will return in EXCEL as a Skin Character
  • Wolf-Incomplete sheet

Added Characters

  • Chaos-Beat Classic mode with Kirby, Bell, and Lucas, and complete event #20, "Fear The Dark".
  • Lucas Aura-Complete Event #14, "Lucas? Is That You?".
  • Im a bell-Complete Event #19, "Spring Cleaning".
  • Hiei - Complete Event #40, "The Final Battle: Villains, RISE!"
  • Tom-Complete Event #35, "Today's Tom Sawyer".
  • Fang Wolf-Complete Event #29, "The Wolf Cathes the...Lucario..."
  • Cyrus-Complete Event #16, "Hellfire Blaze!"
  • Pter-Complete Event #39, "The Creator & Creations".
  • Mega Man-Clear Classic Mode with Bell.
  • Rocket Slime-Unlock Bell, Lucas, Chaos, and Megaman.
  • JCM-Beat Classic with Snake, Luigi, Mr. Game & Watch, and Pit.
  • Officer Superdude-Play 5 Brawls with Link, and 5 with Samus.
  • Sephiroth- Beat classic with Bell, and Lucas.
  • Sora(Kingdom Hearts) - Beat Classic mode With Chaos and Sephiroth.
  • Kirbychu HR'D - Clear classic wih Kirby and Pikachu.
  • Tahu - Beat Classic with Sora


Added Stages

  • King Dedede's Castle-Unlock King Dedede
  • Homerun Destination(Like Final Destination, but with the Home Run Contest Stage)-Get at least 1000 feet in the Home Run contest
  • Ganon's Domain-Beat Classic Mode with Lucas Aura
  • The Attic-Brawl with Bell 5 times
  • Super Mario World-Clear the Event, "Lucky Number 7".
  • Blue Falcon(Big Blue-esque stage)-Complete the Event "The Red, Blue, and Green Falcons".
  • DQ Battle-Unlock Rocket Slime
  • Moonlight - Unlock Sephiroth
  • Castle Oblivion - Unlock Sora
  • SUN HQ - Unlock Officer Superdude
  • Kirbychu's Lab - Complete Event #12, "Cousin Rivalry"
  • Budokai Arena - Fight every starting character with Sephiroth
  • Shigure's Battlefield - Unlock Hiei
  • Battels Collesium - Brawl with Chaos and Bell 5 times each.
  • Ultimate Battlefield - Complete Event #17, "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny."
  • Aperture Science - Beat Classic on Hard with Sephiroth without losing a life.
  • Subspace - Unlock every other stage, then clear classic mode with Bell.
  • The Ark - Unlock all Bonus Fighters.
  • Chaos' Computer? - Unlock all other stages.


#1-10:Unlock Ness and Jigglypuff

  1. The pink puff vs. the red warrior
  2. PK Punch!
  3. Peach's Perfect kingdom
  4. Battle At Hyrule Temple
  5. The Four Originals
  6. The Classic Battle
  7. Lucky Number 7
  8. Know Thine Enemy
  9. Mario Party
  10. Back to Basics

#11-19:Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

  1. The "Red, Blue, and Green" Falcons
  2. Cousin Rivalry
  3. Meet JCM!
  4. Lucas? Is That You?
  5. The battle of the United Nations
  6. Hellfire Blaze!
  7. Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
  8. Here comes the calvalry...
  9. Spring Cleaning

#20:Beat Classic Mode with Kirby, Bell, and Lucas Aura

  1. Fear the Dark

#21-40:Unlock Chaos, and every stage

  1. The Two Destined Ones
  2. Enter jcm!
  3. Life & Death Science Class
  4. Only room for one armoured Fighter in this town...
  5. Wiki User Anonymous
  6. For The 'Hood!
  7. JCM's Revenge
  8. The Wolf catches the...Lucario...
  9. That's NO GOOD!
  10. Foxes Vs. Bros
  11. Meet your Match
  12. I Know Why The Event's Hard
  13. Bell's Final Battel
  14. The Shadow of Flat Zone
  15. Today's Tom Sawyer
  17. Insanity at it's very End!
  18. Fight Fire with Fire!
  19. The Creator, and Creations
  20. The Final Battle: Villains, RISE!

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