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Nothing's Gonna Change My Hat

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A story about a hat? Well this is no ordinary hat, but people don't seem to know more than that. A hat that is revered all around the world for its... Well... mysteriousness. The quest to find it is perilous. Probably. Will it fail? Probably.


User characters



Strong Sader



Doctor McDoctor

Story characters

Past characters

Thomas "Bald Tommy" Savastano

Inspector Z


Screening process

In this fiction, you can't just jump in. It's a mostly private game. However, new aspiring users can be admitted. The following things must be obeyed and true for you to join

  1. Does not spam.
  2. Does not drastically change the plot constantly. (Changes are welcome, but don't do it daily)
  3. Does not have overpowered characters.
  4. Character can't use time traveled until allowed, if you do want a character from the future I'll conider it, but don't count on it. This is void if we are already in the future
  5. Character must have a clearly defined name (or nickname), stuff he carries and abilities. If you make a character sheet, don't put unnecessary stuff like "Eye color: Unknown." Abilities and items are negotiable.
  6. Must be a good/creative writer. Either has some good ideas as to where to take the story, or is able to respond well to situations. Please, if you have ideas, don't hesitate to tell me. Alternately, you can go to the Auditions page to prove your talents.
  7. Know how to be serious enough to keep it moving forward, know how to be funny enough to keep it from being boring.
  8. The user list maximum is currently 5. However, if someone is inactive for more than a week and/or the new applicant is an exceptional writer, I will allow you in
  9. Remember, this is part game, part collaborative fiction. That means some plots may be talked about on talk pages.
  10. Being absent for long periods of time will cause a warning, and even eventual removal from the fanstuff.

There is only one user spots not taken up currently. I may widen it to seven, if I see fit.


Like the 6th rule says, we need to see your writing skills. If you do it in this page, it's the easiest for us to decide whether or not you're a good enough writer. If you submit your own writing works, it's harder for us to see what kind of writer you are.


19:32, 28 April 2008 (MDT) - Only Strong Sader, Chwoka and I are a part of this now. Arc 2 is begun!

19:32, 28 April 2008 (MDT) - Okay, just a notice, I will accept PMs and emails. You can click Email User on my page or PM from the Fanstuff Forum. I will only be taking AMAZING auditions. Past performance and activity on this fanstuff WILL count for you, so if you're a bad auditioner, but good at making fanstuff, I will understand. Deadline will be May 1rst. That will be the beginning.

21:48, 24 April 2008 (MDT)-ATTENTION: At the end of every story arc, we will have everybody reaudition. This will keep writers circulating, and thus improve the quality of our fanstuff egg. If you don't get accepted back, then don't worry, you can always make it back next story arc. This arc will not end for a while, hopefully. Details: Everybody emails, or goes to the fanstuff forum and PMs me with an audition. This will keep it private and also prevent ideas from being stolen.


  1. Their Heads Are Cavin' In - Chwoka buys THE HAT, Ekul crosses the desert, The Mafia plans.
  2. The Party Isn't Stopping Until We've Outgrown it - The mafia finds out who has THE HAT... The hunt. is. on.
  3. I Know What It's Like To Be Dead - The heat rises
  4. Now, What You Hear is Not a Test - ROAD TRIP TO CANADA! Begin Arc 2