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A fic of very random plots. And a very random name. By the non-famous Cluelesscat/CC

Current Episode

Episode 3: Boot Camp

Past episodes

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Kareoke


CC - Not much can be used to describe this idiot. He has no self-control, a very bad temper, and an obsession with shocking his audience. That's pretty much that could be used to describe him. First appearance: Episode 1

Hannah: - CC's girlfreind, she has a very calm demeanor, and is able to put up with CC's loudmouth antics. Has an obsession with marshmellows. First appearance: Episode 1

Spencer: - One of CCs freinds, very hyper. Even more then CC. He turns up his metal a tad too loud, and has been kicked out of various establishments. Can never seem to keep a girlfreind. First appearance: Episode 1

Christian: - The calmer of CCs 2 freinds, he seems to be the most human of the cast. The only notable thing about him is that he has 8 kids, with a 9th on the way. First appearance: Episode 1


The basic structure of this fic is to just mess around and make people laugh, or cry, whichever comes first. The plots generally last only one episode, unless an arc is going on. Also, if I feel like it, there a special where CC checks email. But what are the odds of that happening?