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A compilation of most of the WUW's current logos

The Wiki User Wiki is a subcontinent of the of the Clamserver linked to the Wiki World where users make fanstuff about themselves, other users, their characters, or whatever else they can think of. It's actually just a more laid back and open version of the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki. It was originally strictly family-friendly wiki user content, but as time went by, the rules because enforced less and less until it was removed completely. There have been three Wiki User Wikis, two made by Homsar.


Wiki User Fanstuff Wiki

The first Wiki User Wiki was at or in November 2005, called the Homestar Runner Wiki's Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki's Wiki User Fanstuff Wiki, or the Wiki User Fanstuff Wiki for short. It got the name Wiki User Wiki sometime after that. However, on New Years Eve that year, he shut it down, thinking it doesn't deserve to exist after Joshua said it doesn't matter as much as the HRFWiki. After a few months, Homsar recreated it at, though, that later went down for currently unknown reasons.

Clamserver Wiki User Wiki: The Sorta Shiny Metallic Yello Era

The Wiki User Wiki was later going to move to Wikia, but they couldn't because their work wasn't licensed under GFDL.

After about a year, the topic came back up and Super Sam offered to host the Wiki User Wiki on his website. Then, in August 25, 2007, the current Wiki User Wiki was born.

Eventually, in early 2008, however, the Wiki User Wiki was attacked by a series of spambots and Super Sam gave chosen users mod powers. Then, a few times through summer and fall, the wiki user wiki started going down due to bandwidth failure. The shut downs were only temporary, but it opened the eyes of many users, however, newer users didn't really see the problem and continued to make pointless fanstuff and upload pointless images. Afterwards, the wiki user wiki started going through a downfall. Fanstuff of the Fortnight was having obviously bad fanstuff winning, causing it to lose its value, the first and second generations were having a dispute, and then, to top it all off, on Christmas Eve, Super Sam revealed that they were near the end of their disk space and even the newer users started to worry. The mods and sysops then went through an image purge, deleting nearly half of the images on the site. Today, the Wiki User Wiki has a growing community, with user made wikies such as the Entertainment Wiki attracting users to them.

Famous Events from the Wiki User Wiki

The Great Meme Rebellion

The Great Meme Rebellion was a 2-day event in which users banded together and defaced the wiki by plastering memes into pages and/or work. The rebellion was brought to a crashing halt when nobody cared.

Famous People from the Wiki User Wiki


Skullbuggy(1994-2008) was the first president of the Wiki User Wiki, in which he was in office for about 5 minutes. He was well known for his crazy black reverend, The Noid. Skullbuggy was assassinated, and his VP, Chwoka, was put in place. He remained in office for a little bit more than a month, in which he got stabbed and resigned.


Homsar(1884-1945) was a benevolent Dictator born and raised in Free Country, USA. Homsar used his political powers well, and crushed the opponents who dare face him, and almost took down Super Sam. Sadly, he failed, and was bumped down to the status of moderator.

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