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Disclaimer: This was cobbled together from fanstuffs featuring Shwoo, and does not reflect reality in any way, except for the parts that are accurate. She is flattered that people have written stories involving her, and feels stupid referring to herself in the third person like this.

Shwoo (born Claire) is a member of the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki. Her best friend is Homestar Tiger, however, she insults him repeatedly, raising the question of just how much she really likes him.


First and foremost, Shwoo is a wiki sysop. In effect, this means that she is an officer of the law, who uses her banhammer to ban vandals. She also teaches at Homestar Runner Fanstuff School, presumably a middle school, though what she teaches is unknown.


Shwoo is a young woman with glasses. She usually wears a white t-shirt, but owns a dress made of pictures of Super Sam for use on formal occasions. This is all that is known about her appearance.


Although reliable, energetic and a hard worker, Shwoo is something of a word I can't say here. I'll go with "jerk". Whether it's laughing uncontrollably at a student who came up with a bizarre excuse for being late to class, or addressing her best friend as "stupid moron", it's clear that Shwoo is not a very nice person. She is also easily frustrated, and often vents her frustration by hitting the nearest person on the head with a pretzel stick if she has one, even killing Coach Z by this method at one point. These violent urges also extend to people who sexually harass her.

Likes and Dislikes

Shwoo enjoys writing, both fiction and reports for her jobs. Her favourite foods include maple syrup and garlic bread, but she dislikes salad dressing. She also dislikes the fanstuff wiki's rule 1.6 for unknown reasons, despite it being quite a sensible rule.


Prior to joining the fanstuff wiki, Shwoo was involved in a love dodecahedron with several other Codename: Kids Next Door fans. Although the records concerning this have been lost, it is believed that one of her lovers died in a plane crash while he was in the air force. During this time, she had a baby and then triplets, conceived by kissing and cuddling her current boyfriend respectively, and then probably gave them up for adoption or something.

Her love life after she joined the fanstuff wiki was, if you believe Noxigar, varied. She first made out with Ekul under the mistletoe, and was later mind controlled by The Cheat to make out with Lucas Aura. Understandably, neither of these makeout sessions came to anything. She later kissed Homestar Runner, and much later was blackmailed into dating him and paying Strong Bad a thousand dollars, after Homestar Tiger was turned into a chair. How this date figured into Strong Bad's plan to have all the email shows on the wiki deleted is unknown, but the date went relatively well, and they returned to Homestar's house for tea.

True Things

Stuff Hosted Here

  • Wiki War II: The Fanfic — It won an award, so it must be good!
  • User:Shwoo/TV Show — Gaze in wonderment as I write crappy corny scripts based on a reimagining of characters not my own! No, it's not FCE Dan, it's... probably nothing you care about.

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