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Long ago, we worked on Wikihood Redux. We tried rebooting it a couple of times, in essence so we could have agreements between the multiple creators. Eventually, the concept of a Bounty Hunter formed. This came about through Jacques DuFour, a character created by Sephiroth. He seemed to essentially be a member of a group called "The White Duke," but with a whole "rich gentleman fighter" thing going on about him. While I admit I don't know what The White Duke was initially referencing, I liked the cut of Jacques' jib.

When Wikihood was rebooted to be Wikihood Prime, the backstory given for how Chaos, Lex, and Noxigar all knew each other had been that they were all space pirates. Apparently, they were all so good at space piracy that they were able to mutiny against their former captain - Nicholai - and inherit a gigantic mansion as the result, without ever having to worry about paying for the upkeep of it. To bring a potential downside - as well as acknowledge that recurring villains can co-exist within main plot badguys like Julius Constantine, Debonair D'Arque, and James Rosenberg - I gave out the idea that all three of the former space pirates still had massive bounties on their heads. I implied Noxigar had the biggest bounty on his head, as a nod to the fact he was at one point a villain character, and I assumed Lex had the lowest bounty on his head - due to his status as The Token Good Teammate compared to the other space pirate veterans.

It seemed like the space piracy lore never got fully cashed in on.

In the year the Wiki User Wiki was fully down (was it 2016? 2017?), I tried coming up with my own Wikihood idea for later. This was to salvage Garland Bellinski, Tiffany "Oiracul DuFour" Krieger, Oceanna Nomura, and countless other honed ideas and concepts that currently do not have tabletop RPGs that they could fully integrate in. There's Werewolf: the Forsaken for Oiracul DuFour; every time I try to get a game of Werewolf for her (thrice so far), I wound up playing a different module of the Chronicles of Darkness systemme instead. While this has facilitated three OCs (Hakamichi Kurloz and Higashikata Lillian saw play in Vampire: the Requiem, and Meulin Pendragon saw play in Mage: the Awakening) whom are just as cool as Oiracul could have been, I still get bothered by my poor luck with her (inb4 "The Oiracul Curse"). Otherwise, the way I had written other characters made it painfully difficult for them to be successfully integrated into something like Dungeons & Dragons, or Pathfinder.

One of my Wikihood ideas was to have Garland Bellinski be a wanted man, having done space piracy with Stephanie Young (who was, in my version of Wikihood/alternate freewriting, "Garion's idea of Sephiroth as a fictional character") to rack up a bounty. He would fight a multitude of one-off bounty hunters, before coming up against a threat that would cause untold havoc to the world around him if left unchecked. I never really make it beyond the first Volume of any attempt at storywriting, but I did consider the idea of his bounty being revoked if he redeemed himself to the entire galaxy. Assumedly, this would have been the eventual fate of the space pirate trio in Wikihood Prime.

As for Current Wikihood, I've considered much of the same. I see the current iteration of Noxigar - Garfield Wiggins - as the inverse of my attempts at Stephanie Young: "Sephiroth's idea of Garion as a fictional character." Having found that charming, I see now that our versions of Stephanie and Noxigar effectively co-exist - obviously, they would be alternate universe versions of themselves, something easily facilitated by Prime lore ("The Sarah Tree") and facilitated by the fact Sephiroth and I seem to gel handsomely together.

Likewise, Sephiroth once crafted something in order to help me. He called it "Katawa Hearts." He fused things I liked with things I strongly disliked - the most wild extremes would, for example, be Scott Pilgrim (in the corner of "Stuff I Am Triggered By, Due To Grim Reminders Of Internal Turmoil Present") being mixed with MegaTokyo (in the corner of "Stuff I Find Absolutely In Tune With My Soul To The Point Of Saying I Adore It") - and intended to do this in order to provide a form of affordable therapy for me. Sadly, Katawa Hearts never got off the ground. Bits and pieces of Katawa Hearts seem to come to me naturally, through fandoms I used to associate with but no longer do for one reason or another (e.g. Kingdom Hearts, which is basically the namesake) and through things I have intensely mixed feelings about (e.g. the Mega Man series in general - I like the gameplay aspects, but in some storylines I wind up rooting for the bosses I'm supposed to defeat: the Nightmare Investigators in Mega Man X6).

Most one-off bounty hunters I initially devised (and there are multiple that I could jot down) fall in line with the part of Katawa Hearts that I formed on my own. In time, I might be able to spitball each.

I created a bounty hunter for Current Wikihood, known as Rosemary Touchdown:

  • I have still not played No More Heroes as a series (and while I feel I'd give it the same treatment I do almost every Mega Man game ever, I believe that's the point of No More Heroes).
  • Rosemary is a ship I hate in a fandom I cut ties with after it essentially ghosted me (due to MSPAForums having shut down, never to be released, and due to the deletion of my Tumblr for reasons outside of Homestuck entirely).
  • To give her some of the same Katawa Hearts energy that Sephiroth envisioned, I gave her blue hair, metallic goggles, and a Vespa moped. That last one might be from a shitty webcomic; I don't remember which one, beyond seeing a throwaway character in it whose sole gimmick was being called "Vespa Girl" for a while. When Rosemary was initially revisioned as a one-off character, "Vespa Girl" would have accordingly been a codename of hers.

The fight with Rosemary Touchdown in Garfield Pilot did not last long enough for her to actively do much in the way of "have powers" in the vein of other characters I've created in the past, beyond using pretentious pink bolts of energy and wielding a katana. It did not seem entirely fair to make her a one-off character, let alone most bounty hunter concepts who would become Garfield Wiggins' personal Rogues Gallery (for now, I assume Xavier D'Arque is part of Chaos' Rogues Gallery).

It is unknown if I'll make more bounty hunter characters beyond maybe a one-off hired by D'Arque - simply so Rosemary Touchdown can remain an independent character - but the concept of them co-exists with the kind of trouble I assume Garfield (and, by proxy, other characters) will get into.

At the very least, Rosemary is going to be a recurring character. Since she took a nasty round-house kick to the skull, courtesy of Garfield, she might wear a blue helmet in her next fight. Beyond the blue helmet, I am unsure of how else to visually describe her or other Bounty Hunter characters.