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Greetings! So for the first time in... 3 or 4 years I am making an update. My brother mentioned the Wiki to me the other day and I realized how much I missed writing. I just got home from my second year in college and I figured what better way to spend my summer but by doing what I love? I'm excited to start fresh (again) and this time I hope I can make it consistent. I spent last night developing some new ideas and characters and so I'm going to be cleaning up around my page. First I just have to remember the text commands hahaha.

--Good Deal Dan 21:24, 11 May 2012 (UTC)

In the Works...

This is what I'm currently working on for the Wiki...

  • Archiving my old stuff
  • Developing ideas
  • First New Project: GDDTV+ - Rehash of an old concept!

Current Fanstuff

  • GDDTV+ - Follow the adventures of Rob and his friends!

Old Stuff

These are my pages from a few years back. I will no longer be updating these. Check em out! You may see some familiar characters as I will reuse some of these guys in my new stuff.

  • My twisted creations! - These are my own original characters.
  • Locations! - These are the places featured in my toons.
  • Requests - Want me to design a character for you, or even give one of yours a new look? Tell me here! Taking a break from this for a while. Sorry if I never got to anybody's