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The Age of Chaos

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In the land of Claninio, everyone had a story to tell. All those people's stories came together, and created events, and importiant dates. One of the most inportiant dates was 20X6, where prosperity reigned the land, and everyone was happy. But before 20X6, there was 20X0, where the stories and tales from the people all added together to one of the most violent, influential, and life-changing eras the world has known. The era of reform, damage, death, loyalty, rebellion, and strife had started, with the people's stories more influential then anyone's stories from before.

These are just some of their tales...

The Diary of Chinio

More and more of these stories are being discovered everyday, along with bits and pieces of existing stories. We have not found found everyone's stories, but we are getting closer and closer everyday...