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SkullB Gold Rewards

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SkullB Gold Rewards

So What's This?

From the looks of it, the first points system on this dang ol' website. But I digress.

This is a lot like any other rewards card system. Do something noteworthy and I give you a point for your card. Enough points--20, to be exact--and you get yourself something neat, provided by me! Isn't it too much to ta-a-ake?

So How Do I Join?

Sign up below this line! Just use this template. You only get points for things you make after signing up. You get 5 points for joining. Hurrah!

[[User:(name)|(name)]] - <sup>(number) Points</sup>

So How Do I Get Points?

By doing a number of things! They're all one point each, so work hard!

  • Writing an episode for a Text Fiction (must be longer than 30 lines)
  • Drawing something for a Visual Fiction
  • Creating a game, fake or otherwise
  • Write a Text Adventure
  • Impress me with something else
  • Sending me a dollar (but only once--any further dollars will result in lost points DONT SPAM KIDS)
  • Winning FotF
  • Being the Noid - One Million Points

Of course, one can also lose points for bad behavior. So watch out!

So What Do I Win?

A list of rewards are right here! All rewards are 12 points each. What an arbitrary number!

  • Picture
  • Sprite
  • Cameo in a Text Fiction
  • Ghostwrite an episode of a Text Fiction
  • Design a userpage
  • Or get your degree!
  • oh wait i mean
  • And more!

So... What Now?

Use this here template on your page to show how many Gold Rewards points you have!

{{GoldRewards|(number of points)}}

So... That's It!

Now start being good and getting things!