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The Noid (talkcontribs) is a moderator.
I literally learned about this fifteen seconds ago

Users I Miss

  • JCM
  • Raiku
  • Not that Seriously guy
  • Not that dramabitch Rainer either he was probably like 9 years old
  • Definitely not The Cheese

<NOID> skub let's make a choom series together <Skub> yes <NOID> EVERYBODY HAS SUPER POWERS thats the concept <Skub> awesome <NOID> but they are mostly awful <NOID> noidman's power: he can tell you what any color is just by looking at it <Skub> hahahaha <NOID> nachoman's power: he turns into a hulking goliath made of nachos <NOID> bluebry's power: really good at 3 point turns <NOID> brooks's power: skilled beatboxing <NOID> dinoshaur's power: a massive tumor in his stomach <Skub> i dont know what my power would be

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<NOID> skullbuggy's power: he can fly but due to a weak stomach he gets incredibly sick every time he does so <Skub> brooks' power should be the power to automatically censor his dirty language >:OOO <NOID> the_mu's power: he turns into a stone statue and is immovable so he gets used as a battering ram a lot <NOID> brooks's power: wonderful balance <Skub> well that's actually a good power <NOID> not really lol <Skub> he could be man on wire <NOID> it just means he wont trip over himself <NOID> not that good skub <Skub> skub's superpower: can name most of the state capitals <NOID> hahaha <NOID> they band together to form a power rangers type group <NOID> and fight villains in every episode <NOID> I have a concept for one villain <NOID> A Kid <Skub> hahahaha <NOID> who has been genetically enhanced with the Assboerger serum <NOID> and he has a giant head and can levitate <NOID> and he just says random shit and shit explodes <Skub> he can also name all of the pokemon <NOID> and he cries a lot and floods everything <Skub> what is chwoka's power <NOID> yeah he can do that <NOID> chwoka's power should be like nuclear noid and he has amnesia just to piss him off <NOID> naw <NOID> he can travel in time but only to 1984 <NOID> and back <Skub> chwoka has the ability to summon blowup dolls to aid him <NOID> haha no thats too useful <Skub> oh yes <NOID> chwoka can grow very nice facial hair that is his power <Skub> hahaha <NOID> and we will call it <NOID> CHOOM FORCE ALPHA HERO GO GO