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Dynasty 7; The Clamburger

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Thunder struck as a lone scientist worked silently in the night. His cold, nimble fingers worked diligently at the tangled mass of cords before him. The glorious images of the world's first fully functional life-like robot swept across his mind like a stampede of horses to an empty plain. He could barely contain all the joy he found in simply thinking about the respect and prestige he'd earn from this magnificent contraption; The Clamburger.

The rain poured down heavily outside his laboratory window, as the dank of night set in.

"The town is all asleep now," said the scientist. "When they awake, they shall be greeted by the best technological breakthrough in all of mankind."

He slowly placed in the last cord. The robot's eyes were suddenly filled with intense white light, illuminating the entire facility. The cold, reflective body began to raise up off the operating table. It stood slowly, dwarfing even the tallest of men. It raised it's long arms to the air, breaking one of the hanging lamps down onto the cement floors.

"I AM CLAMBURGER." It announced in a booming, echoing voice.

"Yes!" Hollered the man. "Yes you are!"

"I AM-"

Suddenly, lightning struck the building and the robot fell across the floor in a violent crash, but the glaring lights did not go out.

"...what?" queried the scientist.

With a sudden lurch of motion and terror, the menacing mechanical monster burst through the laboratory walls and began sprinting down the hillside, full speed.

"No!" screamed the man, "No you can't!"

With one powerful swing, the rain drenched robot peeled the roof off of two homes in a single move. The sleeping residents quickly awoke in panic and fear, as the bright eyed beast towered far above them, smashing their home to pieces.

The scientists quickly scurried across the wet grass, hoping to discourage this rampage.

The creation continued onward, smashing home after home until the village had turned to complete rubble. But yet it continued, smashing the bits into small bits until one would never believe a town ever existed in such a place.

All but one had perished. The scientist, sitting along atop a hill or broken glass and pebbles, sat weeping into his dirtied hands as the robot keeled over and died under the heavy midnight rain.

"What have I done?" cried he, burying his face again.

Suddenly, a boy awoke in panic. His face streamed with tears and sweat. He found himself screaming into the night. He held his hand to his mouth and silenced it, glancing around his bedroom at the usual surroundings. The rain poured down hard outside his window and the dim lights of the local science lab could be seen up the hillside.

"Was it all a dream?" the boy asked. "It all felt so real." The boy turned over into his pillow and returned to his nightmarish sleep, as the bright eyes of The Clamburger peered in at him.

Written by TheDenzel