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Bungee Wolf World

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Welcome to Bungee Wolf World. This is an interactive where users raise Bungee Wolves. What are Bungee Wolves? Well...

*squeak* Hello!

Bungee Wolves, or just called Bungees for short, are cute little wolf-like animals with a unique ball shape. They walk in a bipedial manner, and have invisible arms much like a CERTAIN WHITE GUY WITH A PROPELLOR CAP. They squeak much like dog toys when squeezed, and some talk in high voices much like good ol' Gir. Heck, some of of them ACT like Gir! It's up to you!

They're easy to raise, so why not have fun?


  • No godmodding or dying or anything.
  • You can get more Bungees, but you only start with one.

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NOTE: ~~~<sup>[[/NAME|Status]]</sup> <- Use this.

*'''NAME:''' Your name
*'''INVENTORY:''' Whatever you have on you

[[Image:YourBungee.PNG|thumb|Name or description]]
*'''BUNGEE NAME:''' Your Bungee's name
*'''INTERESTING FEATURES:''' Stuff about your Bungee

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