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Assistant's Blog
"Dull and dreary... just how I like it."
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38. Artsy fart - 8.23.09

So Frannie and I are back from the art museum, and I've gotta say, I was moderately surprised. I was surprised, for one, that I was correct about the hipsters. It was like a cloud of black berets and turtlenecks was drifting through the hallways, making remarks about the art on the walls. Can't stand 'em.

I was also surprised at the kind of art that was there. When I think about art, I think about paintings, sculptures, that kind of thing. I didn't expect a man writhing naked on a giant canvas, covered in paint, weeping softly to himself. Performance art... you can't tell them no, because there's some stupid amendment protecting this kind of thing.

Frannie and I went to dinner after that. They have some nice lobster over at Chez Snootez!

Mood: exhausted AssistantEmoteSad.png
Tunes: still Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues (that poetry part is long)

37. Fartsy art - 8.23.09

They just opened a museum in town... How dumb is that? Look, I'm a guy who likes art, but with this and the coffee "bar" that's been here forever, this place is like a magnet for those art hipsters. You know... the kind of people who have goatees and expensive Arabian coffee and leather-bound poetry journals.

I asked Fran to come with me tonight to see some of the art. I've lowered my expectations accordingly.

Mood: moderately excited AssistantEmoteNeutral.png
Tunes: Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues

36. Serendipity, I think - 8.22.09

Man, I was just looking around the house, and I found an old GameBoy! Like, one of those old chunky ones! And even better, I found a game in it! Frogger, man! I've been playing it ever since I found it earlier, and it's pretty addicting, I'll tell you that.

I'm gonna check Amazon to see if they have Mario Land. That game was fun.

Mood: addicted AssistantEmoteHappy.png
Tunes: Proud Mary - CCR

35. (none entered) - 8.22.09

Begin Process.
Statement: Number Five
Statement: is alive

Mood: still alive RULEREmoteHappy.PNG
Tunes: Error. Cannot define "Tunes".

34. Wow. - 8.22.09

I can't believe I found this old thing! Wow, it's been so long since I've updated this thing! ... Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I haven't. I've got so much to talk about and so little time...!

Oh, and by the way, Master? I saw what you did to my biography page. Not funny.

Mood: a bit perturbed AssistantEmoteAngry.png
Tunes: Down on the Corner - CCR

33. Woah wait a minute - 8.22.09

This is still here? I thought that the blog... police... would have deleted it by now. Hm. I guess my writings will stand the test of time forever!

Mood: puzzled, intrigued, and somewhat happy NumberTwoEmoteHappy.png
Tunes: Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

32. So it's like this - 4.18.09

It looks like Assistant forgot about his stupid blog so I guess it's mine now. I think that's pretty sweet, myself. Anyhow, yeah, if you want any updates on home life then ask me on the comments page. I might try and answer them.


Mood: jkl;hiasfyyyyy NumberTwoEmoteHappy.png
Tunes: Nothing ;_;

31. Oh okay - 4.18.09

Hi my nam's Assistant and I never update my blog

Mood: wauuugh NumberTwoEmoteAngry.png
Tunes: Sootopolis Town - Pokemon Emerald

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