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A Call

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A Call
Created by Chwoka & TheDenzel
The following is a work in progress, and should not be played succesfully until completion

{TheDenzel enters a plain room carrying a box. He sets it on the desk. He begins to cut it open with a pair of scissors}

THEDENZEL: Finally! This wireless phone took forever to get here...

{He opens the box and looks inside}

'THEDENZEL: What the-?!

{He reaches in and pulls out a glob of green jello. A post-it note is attached reading, "Fwn'd"}

THEDENZEL: What the crap is this?

{He looks in the box and pulls out a card. It reads, "If your new phone is received damaged or disabled, call our toll free help line at 1-800-835-3366. Thank you for your choosing of Wiki User Phones Incorporated!"}

THEDENZEL: Heh. {looks at camera.} Irony.

{TheDenzel walks over to his corded phone and picks it up, dialing away at the numbers. He puts the phone to his ear, and listens}

L.A.U.R.A: Thank you for calling Wiki User Phones Incorporated! We value your call. To make or check on an order, press 1. For technical assistance, press 2.

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it: Resolve the situation by any means possible.
This is "A Call"

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