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Wiki World War

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The year is 194X, The start of war is begining. The Brotherhood of Alan threatens the wiki to join them. Those who refuse, become The Willing Allies of The Wiki.


  • No Cussing.
  • No God Modding.
  • No Immortality or Invinciblity.
  • Don't kill people of your own team.
  • Try to keep it inside the era of the 1940's.
  • Stay in your own base.
  • Obey the rules.
  • Sign up for ONE side.
  • Have fun!

Just some things I want to cover

  • Ask the Barrack Keeper to have a barrack.
  • If you die in battle, you have to be healed at your base's Infirmary to go back in.
  • Only I'm allowed in other bases (For Mod Purposes).

Sign Up!

Here is the Template:

*'''NAME:''' Your Name for this game.
*'''USERNAME:''' Your Username.
*'''FROM:''' What country you are from (Fake Countries are allowed).
*'''WEAPON(S):''' What weapons you carry. You start with 1 or 2.
*'''APPEARANCE:''' What you look like.
*'''INFO:''' Tell us about yourself.

The Willing Allies of The Wiki

The Base

The Brotherhood of Alan

The Base


ZACK: If you're looking for your missions, they're at your side's base.