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Let's make a track record sum-up of my career on the Wiki User Wiki:

  • I tried to help rejuvenate Wikihood, only for it to be cancelled on multiple occasions. Despite dimension-hopping and other fun ideas, everything came to an eventual standstill.
  • I ended up getting frustrated at people who were mocking someone I held close to the heart. Their mockery wasn't an attempt to improve writing, no. Instead, it had been to ensure that the person was permanently discouraged from writing.
  • I riffed the riffs of the people mocking a person I loved.
  • I roleplayed as Namine, from Kingdom Hearts, when I realized that riffing works I actually enjoy would need another character. She was especially vital to my riffs of JCMovies and Aruseus Emails, which would otherwise not exist.
  • I worked out an agreement with Strong Intelligent to stop being overly analytical of minutia, back in 2013.
  • I improved my writing a metric tonne. Everything You Know Is Wrong (from 2007) is apparently still good, but it's far from timeless. I've tried to get on my ass and write, but now wonder what ideas I could use to continue improving.

What I've considered doing, to continue offering something good to the Wiki User Wiki:

  • I once wrote a non-Kingdom-Hearts-originating character, who was simply an oracular cleric named Oiracul. After some tinkering with the character, she became a lycanthrope with a clear head. Of course, she was also crafted for Wikihood when a previous D&D campaign she had been originally built for never came. I can look up on Paizo's Pathfinder website to see if I can't write her character sheet using a full Oracle build and a campaign of Lex, Ted, or Ben's choice. Alternately, I could just use Werewolf: The Apocalypse to flesh out her entirety as a character without needing to use a Human-savvy alias like Elise Basiret. I am going to keep Basiret as a surname, though.
  • I thought about doing more with Namine as well. Of course, since we eventually reached a consensus on moratorium for copyrighted characters, I tried to make someone a little more creative. A Gorgon by the name of Oceanna Nomura was all I came up with. I gave Noxigar a mechanical heart, which substituted for an organic heart he no longer has.
  • Speaking of, I gave Noxigar the surname Bellucci for most universes. This was originally supposed to be for a family of Bell-Quest-parody-characters. As I love Bell Quest and love its creator, though...
  • Other characters had been considered, but not written specifically for the Wiki User Wiki.