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Thanatos is simply seen as a personification of "Death." Much like Hades, he is often demonized by modern takes on the Greek mythos.

Thanatos is someone who looks at people's fate with presentations of both pros and cons. His leanings tend to be on the cons, as there is a reason why people come to the Underworld in the first place, whether by their own choice or not. Because of Thanatos' physical characteristics, he is often mistaken for a demon. However, much like Hades, Thanatos is legitimately pleasant to be around, and just takes his job of maintaining the dead very seriously. Because he manages the fates of others alongside Hades and Orcus, whenever Ares' berserker rage could cause utter bedlam or distort fates, he tasks himself with calming Ares down, usually assisted by the more polite Hades. Otherwise, Thanatos generally keeps to himself. Whenever the dead are being altered, Thanatos generally trusts Hades and Orcus to get the job done more efficiently than he can.

The reason Thanatos is doubtful of accomplishing much in the mortal world is because he often runs into one of Zeus' illegitimate children every time, and said illegitimate children are often what provokes Thanatos to act in ways more severe than he should. Whenever people tell him he does not have a sense of humour, he simply reminds them, in a cryptic way, about a significant event in their near future, and then chuckles once they are clueless as to what he means.