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Poseidon is heralded in Greek mythology as God of the Sea, and all things related to water. While this isn't too far off, many people neglect to see what he's like in real life...

Poseidon is just as unpleasant to be around as his older brother, Zeus. What separates the two of them is Poseidon's passable social skills, and a general desire to improve as a person. Because of the generally toxic atmosphere of Mt. Olympus, Poseidon drifted from the others, sailing away on a ship to find a better life ahead. Like Zeus, Poseidon does have a general playboy attitude which is hard to ignore. However, he does philanthropic work, such as caring for a cyclopean orphanage and keeping marine life safe from whalers and other types of seafaring poachers. He currently resides in a small beach town, known for its notoriously grandiose night clubs, and tends to a surfer shack to keep inconspicuous.