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Hephaestus is known as being a weapons savant, and for also being flung off of Mount Olympus as an infant and surviving, albeit with legendary injury. This interpretation that the Greeks made of him is the most accurate of all the interpretations of members of the Olympus pantheon, and this was mostly due to dumb luck.

Hephaestus fell off Mt. Olympus after getting into a heated argument with Hera. She pushed him off a cliff, and he barely escaped death. Because of his spinal injuries, however, he is confined to a wheelchair that he made for himself to sit on and roll about. Because of the fine craft, many Olympians seek Hephaestus' help when needing items to be manufactured. His talent is something Apollo and other artisan-wannabes envy, and people have attempted to kill him as a result of said envy. At any rate, Hephaestus often calls upon an orcish assistant named Zed to help him with tasks. As a consequence, Hephaestus is a tad socially awkward when he has to do things entirely on his own. He tutors Aphrodite in the manufacturing of weapons so he's not the only one making them, and in an attempt to branch out to the rest of the pantheon he also attempts slam poetry, with a great degree of success.