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Since the Olympians have themselves secluded in Mount Olympus, someone has to specialize in the sustenance of food and harvests so that the others can live. This is essentially what Demeter's job is, although she is often alluded to having the domain of life in the cycle of life and death. Her being at odds with Hades is resultant of her daughter Persephone eloping with him, as well as his domain of death being the archrival of her domain of life. That said, Demeter does not let her bitter grudge dictate the effectiveness of her crops, which is masterfully grandiose to where the Olympians have surplus food every year.

Since Demeter sees Persephone half of any given year, her crops tend to have more effectiveness whenever Persephone is around. Demeter also gardens non-food plants, usually just to have some decoration for the Mount Olympus fortress that everyone lives in. Some of her crops, such as sugar, usually get used by some of the other Olympians in their everyday projects, such as Hestia and her routine baking of cookies.