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Apollo is known as the Greek God of light and the sun, as well as the go-to guy for arts & crafts of the poetic kind. In other circles, he's just known for being Artemis' twin sibling. While the mythos circling Apollo isn't untrue...

Apollo hates being Artemis' twin. As much of a thrill-seeker as Artemis is, Apollo is equally known for wanting to just it easy. He has his own personal space where he tends to a flock of mutant sheep, writes poems, and paints pictures. He also attempted to get into the medical field, but given he's horrible at it, many deliberately keep their healing materials away from him. Of all the people amongst the pantheon, Apollo is also the most likely to attempt to be chaste, if only to be utterly contrarian in how most of the others in his group (especially Zeus or Poseidon, who he claims are "old money" and "too mainstream," respectively) behave with mortals. In relation to this attempted chastity, Apollo followed Poseidon's footsteps when the latter started adopting cyclopean orphans. Instead of cyclopeans he rescues and shelters abandoned Muses.

One appropriate way to describe him is that he tries so hard to be good at everything to where he just isn't good at anything. But don't tell that to his face, or he'll verbally harangue you for attempting to criticize anything he does personally, or mistake it for an ad hominem attack. Because of this inability to take even constructive criticism, the rest of the pantheon just generally ignore him whenever he attempts to display art to them at all. However, when other people attempt art or anything similar to his domain themselves, he is absolutely nothing but ruthless to others. His negative attitude is one reason why he and Hephaestus are at odds with each other.