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Plan A: Rosemary Touchdown would be a starter villain for Garfield Wiggins to defeat, to showcase what would come later in the Fundraiser/post-Fundraiser portions of Wikihood.

WE'RE MOVING TO PLAN B, AATROX: Rosemary Touchdown is now a recurring Bounty Hunter character whom Garfield Wiggins fights. Sephiroth's initial suggestion was "once an arc" - Season 1 of Current Wikihood, as of right now, has 4+ arcs. He changed his suggestion to "once every other arc," which allows for less fights needed to achieve the same goal: Rosemary becomes a frenemy character whom Garfield humours through fights that cause the two to unwittingly bond with each other in a positive manner.

First Rejected Rosemary Touchdown Scene

Episode 4: Ready, Set, Go!

Rosemary Touchdown would use the motorcycle tires against Garfield, while at his workplace. This would have an added effect of revealing his vigilante activities to the rest of NoxCorp, which could prove dangerous in later Episodes entirely. This operated under the assumption that NoxCorp in of itself rarely features in the season of Current Wikihood, until events during Season Germany / Season Lavosia fix that.

Why The Scene Was Rejected

Garfield already does something cool-ish in the Episode (basically he saves NoxCorp from mutated plants that develop the taste of flesh). His "one-off enemy" in that Episode is, funnily enough, himself: because he failed to get a gas masque in the earlier scene, he accidentally gets high off his own aerosol spray. In addition, Garfield also didn't get adequate sleep (mostly a reference to the author's state of mind when trying to compose new NoxCorp scenes so they'd be relevant), so the spray nearly rendered him comatose. Funnily enough, a secondary "one-off enemy" could have been assumed, to be Jerry - a fellow NoxCorp scientist who gets fired offscreen for basically causing the problem in the first place.

Second Rejected Rosemary Touchdown Scene

Episode 5: No Hall Like Town Hall

I planned to rework a LARP scene between Lex/Garfield/Volkov.

The first plan was to have Garfield try to do something that would have to be done later (like try to rob HappyMart - as it's replaced UberMart, ExMart, and so many other small-time stores Garfield used to love going to) only for Rosemary to show up and derail his plans. It would be a Most-Effective-Tactic-Available (META) way of keeping the position of later Episodes cemented.

Why The Scene Was Rejected

HappyMart isn't worth being foreshadowed as a later threat. While they are a shitty company, and while Garfield would not hesitate to do harm to Felicia/HappyMart Executives, there's no real reason for a Rosemary scene to play out in an Episode whose functions are almost entirely Chaos-exclusive.

D'Arque is also introduced as someone who Garfield takes umbrage with, because Stephanie exposits her issues with her boss. Effectively, Rosemary is redundant with D'Arque in this regard.

Third Rejected Rosemary Touchdown Scene

Episode 7: Shining Happy People / HappyMart

The plan was to make this Episode have a teensy bit more substance, so it would not need to be sandwiched with a later Episode (Planning Stages).

An Episode idea initially pitched was that Garfield would later rob HappyMart, after finding out just how badly Chaos got fucked over by them. I think this got skipped, for unknown reasons, but it was a neat idea I considered in the back of my head.

The second half of the Episode would showcase the aftermath - Chaos plans a Heist, trying to get Lex and Garfield interested. Both of them say no:

  1. Lex because he doesn't want to wind up caught, as was the case with the San Cristobal Casino Heist.
  2. Garfield because he promised Stephanie he would do no harm to her career - this promise is now implied in No Hall Like Town Hall, and treated as an "Oath of Fealty" until I find better wording for it.

Lex protests Garfield is massively inexperienced with criminal activity, whilst Garfield would remind Lex that he is a guy who has already had to deal with "Wizard Bullshit" in Bluehaven's Finest that put him on the path of becoming a notorious vigilante. Chaos would be enlightened of Garfield's wanted poster / bounty, and try to set something up so that Garfield would get caught. Maybe the Heist won't have to be done, if Garfield is instead made a patsy. Before Lex can violently protest this idea, Garfield decides to help Chaos of his own accord, heading out.

Garfield scans the HappyMart, but finds he sees mostly downtrodden employees, who deal with a fascist Felicia. Garfield describes their boss as being "horse-faced and wooden," codenaming her Trojan Horse. When the clocktower in Townindale strikes midnight, he begins his own custom heist. However, his antics have already been scoped out by "death robots" which hold the downtrodden employees hostage. Felicia is shown to be a lot smarter than given credit to, as she turns the death robots' cannons from the employees onto Garfield himself.

Garfield tries using some Sangromantic magic, which finally works - and gives Chaos a clue as to the "Wizard Bullshit" faced in Bluehaven. This would likely be given a Vampire in-joke, if a synonym for "Juggernaut's Gait" existed. It would use part of Garfield's own blood/life force to work, and then be enhanced by a physical shield - likely another Noxigar-ism given shape/forme.

He would march over, cryptically declaring, "Goodbye, Felicia."

Then, he would be stopped by Rosemary Touchdown. As I intended Garfield's physical shield to be an ice shield, Rosemary would use this as a visual cue of what he would be weak against, and takes out an electricity-themed arsenal. This would create an electrical fire, but also facilitate Felicia's escape (alongside the employees' escape). Garfield would have to fight Rosemary while, once again, extremely disadvantaged. Elec beats Ice, after all, and Garfield is not omniscient. Rosemary would zap him repeatedly, until he gets an idea to hide inside the smoke caused by the fire. This would cause Rosemary to miss her remaining shots of an electric-type attack. Once she's out of ammo, Garfield would attempt to defeat her once again. She would be spared, by finding a means to escape.

The money Garfield would try to rob would be burninated alongside most of Happy Mart. The Chief of Police shows up once again, and tries to get questions off of a hooded Garfield, before a sentient ice cream truck beckons him away from the scene. Left dumbfounded, the Happy Mart would be closed off - this would attract the attention of bigger evils than Felicia.

Why The Scene Was Rejected

Sephiroth already said it was too tone-clashy with what Wikihood is supposed to be like, before I decided to not make the downtrodden employees be tragique casualties of Garfield's hubristic heist.

HappyMart gets referenced again later on, in Give Leigh Twenty Dollars. Felicia herself isn't a one-off villain, like Joseph the Skied Off Illusionist. This means dealing a final blow, no matter how accidental or a product of Garfield's fundamental flaws as a person, to it would be problematic.

At no other point in Shining Happy People / Happy Mart would Rosemary be within Garfield's radar (or vice-versa), as Garfield spends a majority of the Episode inside Surreal Cereals. Unless the gaggle of hipsters somehow tips her off of his presence, I would have to reason a way for her to know Garfield would be at HappyMart at the precise moment of the Heist, which effectively renders the encounter with her specifically a forced event, better left for something which organically would attract the mutual attention of two rivals (like a publique Fundraiser????????).