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Throughout both Wikihood Redux and Wikihood Prime, I had made Noxigar a collector of items.

In Redux, the items were generally replicas of weapons owned by members of Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts. This was attempted to be given similar homage in Prime, with a wink-and-nod to most of them (such as Axel's Chakrams being made entirely out of motorcycle tires, at one threshold).

An attempt was made to characterize Garfield as an aficionado of media works, by having him wield a general collection of items, belonging to a wider pool of movies/TV shows/books. The example items from the first Episode of Current Wikihood were:

  • A celestial claymore heralding from a TV show which had unfortunate stereotyping of Drow. I had intended to upgrade it into a mainstay in Garfield's armory, with it being "powered by moonlight" (so Garfield would only use it during specific nights on specific months, and that would give the item's appearance enough scarcity that it wouldn't be disruptive to "the rest of What's The Deal With Garfield")
  • A monocle owned by a Cyclops stand-up comedian
  • A cardboard cut-out of Nicholas Cage, which Chaos would find the most impressive out of the example items. I intended to upgrade it to have more context - the person on the cardboard cut-out is a look-a-like of Nicholas Cage, in the forme of a Sorcerer (with references to The Sorcerer's Apprentice, where plausible)

Garfield would then later come to find that the Debonair D'Arque Fundraiser Heist would host a multitude of magical items, through auction. Garfield being Garfield, he would have his eyes set on collecting all of them (and between him purposefully robbing D'Arque blind after the fact alongside the rest of the Wikihood Krewe, paying for these items was rendered a non-issue). Most notably, there was a Battleaxe wieleded by Grughor Spinesplitter in the "Ace Battleaxe" trilogy was for sale.

To give credence to "let's grant Garfield more creativity," I conjured up a scene in which Garfield loses an Axe-Sword magical item, which to even wield needed Garfield to "not skip Leg Day." This Axe-Sword would get destroyed, due to Chaos' carelessness while wielding it. Garfield would get furious with Chaos, for not caring about anyone other than himself. Meanwhile, Garfield's reaction to Chaos would be largely implied to be enormously excessive, at least by Lex and Volkov's standards. The Axe-Sword being lost would be spiritually replaced by a decidedly-less-obviously-Kingdom-Hearts equivalent, in the forme of "Ace Battleaxe." Garfield would later try to add elemental enhancement to the weapon, in order to give similar qualities of the Axe-Sword to the Battleaxe.

I considered another item being lost for entirely different, but equally symbolic reasons: an Illusionist's spellbook. I never fought Zexion proper (I played the GameBoy Advance version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories), so it did not occur to me that Zexion had a weapon in the Orgy XIII until 385/2 Days enlightened me with this fact (I still haven't played 385/2 Days, sadly). In Current Wikihood, it would be a decrepit spellbook that Garfield kept in his possession as one of the few positive memories he had of Bluehaven's Finest (he also has Sangromancy and Necromancy spellbooks, but they were in much better shape; he had gotten the Illusionist's Spellbook from an Archmage who didn't need it anymore). The spellbook would be so out of shape, that most of the spells in it didn't even work if Garfield were to try them! But, he remembered his time with an Illusionist Archmage at a ski equipment shoppe fondly (as a continuity nod to Chaos' interactions at a ski equipment shoppe).

The Illusionist's spellbook would have been lost, when Garfield was to take it with him to Mt. Nottigen. Garfield would reach a high altitude while it was both raining and windy, and he would try to use a high level spell to mitigate the effects the weather had on him while trying to climb all the way to the top. Much to his dismay, the spellbook finally breaks from the state of disrepair, and the pages lost to the winds. Garfield would not be able to recover even one of the pages, and would be depressed from the outing having ended so sourly. Despite this, he would in fact make it all the way to the top of Mt. Nottigen, and be able to do this without depending on magic (as he had heard through rumour mill that all others who made it up the mountain did so with magic).

I considered re-integrating that Lost Spellbook scene into a sabbatical Garfield takes after losing to Cicero in Chaos Pilot 2. He would try to train himself to become more powerful to engage in a rematch with Cicero, as well as be able to rescue Chaos from Cicero's clutches, and would use Mt. Nottigen as a conduit for this scheme. By shedding the Spellbook, Garfield would have symbolically let go of his need to compete with a multitude of magic-users in an interpretation of life as a "game" to be "won," and thus have grown as a character.