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Once upon a time, I decided to create a Dragon as a boss for NoxCorp. Their name was Xiorno, and it was a name I initially came up for a Pokemon OC named Xiorno Albertsdottir. The theme of Xiorno was going to be using Pokemon that vaguely resembled the Robot Masters from Mega Man: Powered Up, with an implied emphasis on two particular Robot Masters who are - without a doubt - my favourites: Time Man, and Oil Man.

Ultimately, my adventures with Pokemon came to an end. Part of it was me being sore at losing a shitty Pokemon tournament hosted by people from a Text RPG I no longer associate with, part of it was fatigue from Generation VII and the numerous things it did (between "shitty metagame," "wow is the game supposed to be a joke how do you lose," and "Team Rocket regurgitations outside of three anime-exclusive dumbshits who manage to be endearing despite working for what essentially amounts to bad yakuza satire," I was not getting fair with the actual games either). Regardless, my time as a Pokemon fan ended in a fashion that makes me feel bad. So, Cooltrainer Xiorno Albertsdottir fell by the wayside, and was replaced with a Dragon.

I made Xiorno a Half-Black, Half-Bronze Dragon; this is mostly in reference to the absurd existence of mixing Sweet iced tea with Unsweetened iced tea, but part of me remembered part of Wikihood Redux and Everything You Know Is Wrong. Both of these things featured a Caverns of Time, which was initially just me making fun of World of WarCraft and how the concept of time travel being done through a cavern could be done with a lot more potential for creativity than what I - as a WoW player - was given. So, the Half-Bronze part of Xiorno meant they had control of Time as an element; I still had Mega Man: Powered Up on my mind, so I figured the Half-Black could mean that Oil as an element was considered a good thing.

The Mega Man Powered Up weakness cycle is as follows (OMG SPOILERS GUYS!!!!!!!!):

  • Elec
  • Time
  • Guts
  • Cut
  • Bomb
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Oil

Obviously, creating Dragons using MMPU as a reference frame actually can be done with some element of not needing purely to be derivative:

  1. Electricity (Elec), Frost (Ice), and Flame (Fire) breaths are all commonly wielded by most Dragons traditionally. Some Dragons instead go for Acid or Poison, in D&D 5th Edition at least.
  2. There are sometimes Dragons that - rather than using a traditional breath type - sometimes wield powerful magic.
    1. A "Guts Dragon" could very easily focus on using Geomancy / Earth Magic.
    2. A "Time Dragon" focuses on Chronomancy / Time Magic. Alternatively, they could breathe pure elemental Light, as some Dragons in other universes do.
  3. Oil was, at one point, a resource on the planet Earth that was considered mysterious and near-omnipresent throughout the world. Given how Wikihood has become a custom universe of its own, with heavy inspiration from D&D 5th Ed. anyway, it would not be hard to assume that "Oil Dragons" exist in some fashion. If they need a specific breath type to back themselves up, Acid or Poison breath would definitely be the type that "Gasoline breath" would fit under, though said breath is innately flammable anyway.
  4. "Cut Dragons" and "Bomb Dragons" could have existed, at one point, through normal means but have integrated metals into their DNA.
    1. I once had a concept of a "Bomb Dragon Elder" being born as a result of the devastating effects of World War 2's atomic bomb.
    2. "Cut Dragons" could very easily just be breathless Dragons that are lithe and specialize in melee prowess. Some Dragons don't breathe any elemental breath or have any magic to them, but could have evolved their bodies to have hard carapaces that become "organic metals" a la Dragonscale.

My initial plan for Xiorno was to showcase how the Dragons of Listless / Republic Island have gone in danger of being wiped out, as a result of Earth's ever-changing ecosystem and a result of mortal humanoids hunting them down due to their power. Xiorno would be a half-Time, half-Oil Dragon who sticks around due to their mixed lineage, as well as due to having corporate control of NoxCorp's United States branches.

I still have not decided Xiorno's gender. I keep leaning towards "she/her" pronouns, because of the Pokemon trainer she would've been had things turned out better for me in that fandom.