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I work on a prototype with the intent of flooring Lex. Originally, this was a denouement scene I intended to write during Episode 10, that kind of would've become its own thing.


{The scene opens up with Garfield in his room. He rifles through his collection of various high-end items won at the D'Arque Fundraiser Auction. A voice enters the back of his head.}

?????: Garfield.

GARFIELD: ...Sarah?

{He looks around. He then closes his eyes.}

GARFIELD: What do you want?

SARAH: I'm surprised you've been content with all those magical items. Tell me, what stopped you from killing Xavier D'Arque with that Point Card you overloaded during those auctions?

{A "manifestation" arrives, assuming a form similar to Stephanie's but with the telltale red-eyes.}

SARAH: Even with your purely sentimental "Oath" notwithstanding, she'll find out.

GARFIELD: And? Stephiroth gets to see I can handle myself under pressure.

{Sarah "changes" forme to Lex; not only are there telltale red eyes, but Sarah changes her Lex-esque shape to be more buxom.}

SARAH: 'Ey, mon. Y'know her face ain't gon' stay pretty after she find out you two-timed 'er boss.

{Garfield closes his eyes.}

GARFIELD: She already knows. Not because of my Oath of Fealty, but because I actively went out of my way to try to be a gentleman at-

SARAH: A gentleman doesn't wear a fucking pimp suit and flex money that most of the denizens at the Fundraiser didn't have.

{Garfield groans.}

GARFIELD: You sound like Chaos.

SARAH: Well, maybe I wouldn't have to sound like Chaos if you would stop spending money on frivolities-

{Garfield's body shakes. He opens his eyes, and they are the darkest shade of crimson ever. He punches a wall. Cut to Lex and Chaos, on the couch, hearing a massive thud coming from Garfield's room.}

CHAOS: ...the fuck just happened?

LEX: It's a long story, not worth gettin' into.

{Chaos frowns.}

CHAOS: I'm bored, and it's not even been six days since Headwiz and Virgil both buggered off.

LEX: Time goes by slower-

{Cut back to Garfield's room, with the "Sarah" hallucination and Garfield inside.}

GARFIELD: -when you won't leave me the fuck alone.

SARAH: You should've killed D'Arque then and there. Your precious Empress Stephiroth wouldn't be still suffering under his heel.

GARFIELD: Why do I have to hallucinate you only after I won the Heist?

SARAH: Because deep down, you will always lust after something you can't have. Be it a proper budding romance, the ability to know Magic-

GARFIELD: I know Magic.

SARAH: The card game doesn't count.

GARFIELD: I'll have you know I've been taking lessons in Kindred Vodoun-

SARAH: Your Vampire LARPs don't count either.

{Garfield looks away from "Sarah."}

GARFIELD: The Vodoun I learn in the Vampire world can be easily translated into this mortal plane.

SARAH: Says the guy who passed out in the middle of the airport while chasing after a werewolf he had sex with, trying fervently to get a chance to say goodbye to her before she got on the plane.

GARFIELD: She was my best friend for a whole fucking year, I didn't know she was just studying abroad.

{Garfield slams his own head against a desk. Sarah flinches, as if she felt the same pain he did.}

SARAH: I hate that I feel what you feel.

{Garfield leaves the apartment. Red footsteps follow behind him, much to Chaos' and Lex's collective horror.}

LEX: Garf, wait!

{Garfield turns around, while at the main doorway. Tears fall from his eyes.}

GARFIELD: ...yes?

{Lex takes a bouquet of ivory lillies from a table near the couch he and Chaos were sitting on, and tosses them to Garfield. He catches them.}

LEX: It's that time, huh?

{Garfield nods tersely.}

CHAOS: Can someone tell me what's wrong with him?

{Garfield slams the door on his way out of the apartment.}

LEX: Long ago, in a distant land...

{Zoom out to reveal a map of Townindale. Near Town Hall is an abandoned manor, next to a cliff. There's a gravestone with a glowing green tree. On the gravestone reads, "Sarah" with every other part of the epitaph crossed out in black bars, as if the epitaph was painted over. Garfield leaves the white lillies next to the gravestone; while his eyes are still red, the hallucination of Sarah fades. Garfield mentally collapses on the ground, sobbing profusely.