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{Cut to Garfield and Stephanie, at a train station in Bluehaven.}

GARFIELD: So, this is it.

STEPHANIE: I'm not too thrilled about you leaving Bluehaven's Finest, but-

{Stephanie closes her eyes, and lets out an audible sigh.}

STEPHANIE: ...I understand you weren't given much choice.

{Garfield winces.}

GARFIELD: You could say that.

{Stephanie goes through a handbag in her possession, and takes out a card.}

STEPHANIE: Before you go...

{Stephanie places a platinum card on Garfield's hand.}

STEPHANIE: I wanted to give you this some time ago. I, uh-

{Stephanie lightly chuckles.}

STEPHANIE: ...I know you wanted to start a magical item collection.

{Garfield gazes at the card now in his hand.}

GARFIELD: And this is...?

STEPHANIE: A Point Card.

GARFIELD: A what now?

STEPHANIE: Every time you buy something, the amount of money you lose will be transferred to the Point Card as points. It's a weird exchange, but I suspect you'll get the hang of it quickly.

{Garfield nods.}

STEPHANIE: Once you have enough points stored on that Point Card, you'll be able to do something with it. I tried looking up research on the Point Card, and how much it could hold, but all I got were weird gameplay tutorials on-line.

{Stephanie scratches her head.}

STEPHANIE: I imagine that's what they based this item on.

{Garfield hugs Stephanie, almost abruptly.}


{Stephanie reciprocates the hug. Both of them spend a few minutes this way, before the train Garfield is going to board arrives.}

STEPHANIE: I take it that's your cue.


{They both separate, as Stephanie goes to sit down on a bench and Garfield boards the train. More minutes pass by; once Garfield finds his seat, he tries spotting Stephanie amongst a now-growing crowd of people. As the train moves, Garfield waves goodbye and he sees Stephanie awkwardly lifting her head and hand up to respond accordingly. The scene then transitions to Garfield - in Towningdale - making a purchase at the Underground Market.}

GARFIELD: How much for the snowboarding equipment?

JOSEPH: That'll be-

{The audio is briefly stifled by muffling.}

GARFIELD: {internally} Alright, here's to experimenting with this card Stephanie got me.

{Garfield takes out the Point Card.}

GARFIELD: I'll be paying with this.

{Joseph scans the Point Card. Garfield gazes upon it; a brief snippet of Gareality is shown where necromantic energy envelops the card for a few seconds, before everything is otherwise standard procedure.}

JOSEPH: May the snowboarding equpiment be of good use to you. Might I recommend going up Mount Nottigen?

{Garfield's expression becomes a bit more cheerful.}

GARFIELD: Oh, I should probably budget my time to do that! I at least have a time capsule of sorts, where the snowboarding equipment will be utmostedly useful to me.

{Joseph smirks.}

JOSEPH: I look forward to hearing about your exploits soon, Mister Bellinski.

{Garfield salutes Joseph, as he exits the store.}