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Chapter 6: "No Hall Like Town Hall"

The general gist is "make this Chapter's main stuff not Miss The Timing" and "let's use this Chapter to solidify Xavier D'Arque's status as a Volume Antagonist."

The Outline Proper

  • Leigh calls Ned, to inform him that he's succeeded at Rosenberg Industries for longer than a week. Ned is impressed, but expects Leigh to last a month or more, due to an ironclad belief in Leigh as a person. They resolve to re-enact old times of playing on arcade dance machines, and going out for karaoke together, but Ned cuts the call short because an important case came up.
  • Leigh tries calling Maddie, but gets her voicemail, much to his ire.
  • Leigh also resolves to find a more suitable apartment, and turns on his laptop in order to do so.
  • Chaos also resolves to find a more suitable apartment; in doing so, he looks on-line.
  • Garfield reads from a newspaper, commenting on the re-opening of the D'Arque Theatre. Chaos scoffs, still not impressed by Xavier D'Arque's Senatorial Campaign.
  • The mailman comes, with Lex rushing over to pick up some mail. Unfortunately, Lex's comic book got bent. Garfield and Lex lightly bicker, while Chaos takes over examining the mail. Chaos spots utility bills, which causes Garfield to wonder how they haven't paid for those far in advance. A montage is shown of Lex destroying past bills, but he feigns lack of knowledge about them. Chaos takes the matter even more seriously, when it's revealed that the power will be cut from the apartment by Town Hall, if the utility bill is unpaid. Chaos checks his wallet, which is empty, but Lex gives him a $20 bill before he storms out, making what are identified by Garfield as extremely sexual innuendos in declaration of what Town Hall will be dealing with. Once Chaos is gone, Garfield and Lex discuss Chaos' weirdness, which gives the former a bit more insight as to the Edgymancer's personality.
  • Chaos stumbles upon a person (who is familiar to the audience by way of Leigh Pilot and Slimy Crappy People) holding a boombox playing a hypnotic beat. Said person (Dahn) asks for change. Chaos' reaction is initially hostile, but the hypnotic beat calms Chaos down. He surrenders his $20.00 to Dahn, who happily takes it and directs the calmed Anarchomancer to Town Hall.
  • Leigh argues with his landlord about acceptable forms of payment ("Elf Hair" being something the Drow takes frustration with), and heads to Downtowningdale to cool off from the argument. He gets cereal at Surreal Cereals, and asks for directions to a bank with a good ATM. Tracy directs Leigh towards a specific bank.
  • Chaos makes it to Town Hall, but does not get very far without tripping on the new carpet installed in the lobby. A nearby secretary, Noelle, vocalizes concern for his well-being that he responds awkwardly to, in part due to his being infatuated with her at first sight. The awkward conversation reveals that the Mayor of Town Hall is ready to see Chaos, if he so desires, and he proceeds onward hurriedly.
  • Chaos gets closer to the Mayor's office, and comes across both Stephanie and Xavier. Chaos deliberately hides, to avoid getting Xavier's attention, though this is not unnoticed. Xavier randomly decides to give Stephanie the rest of the day off, despite there being major advancements still needed to continue the Senatorial Campaign on-schedule. This act is still noted as benevolent, such that Stephanie begrudgingly accepts. Xavier and Stephanie unknowingly walk past Chaos, heading outside and coming across Dahn, who asks for change.
  • Chaos finally makes it to the Mayor's office. He sees that Mayor Meier is a benign but out-of-his-limit elderly man, whose grasp of technology is tenuous at best. With Chaos' genuine and sympathetique help, Mayor Meier gets a good look at how Town Hall's infrastructure works. Chaos then voluntarily attempts to get $20.00 - the exact amount actually owed - but then remembers he gave the money to Dahn. Frantique, Chaos runs out of the office and out of Town Hall, running in the direction of a bank. Cut to a looming presence behind Mayor Meier - Xavier D'Arque - as Xavier manipulates Mayor Meier's senile nature in order to erase all utility bills for the current year, under the false pretense of them being already paid.
  • Cut back to the apartment. Garfield, Volkov, and Lex are shown LARPing. They get through a couple scenes.
  • Cut back to Leigh, who arrives at the bank Tracy told him about. Leigh goes over to an ATM, and just as he's about to begin the procedure for money withdrawal, Chaos comes barreling in. Leigh sees the shoe is on the other foot, but still proceeds with money withdrawal rather than walking away. The line for the ATM was also pretty long, so Chaos appears to be ignoring Leigh for now in favour of attempting to talk to the tellers at the front desque. Due to Chaos' mood, a thunderstorm appears over the ceiling of the bank. After Leigh has finished getting the money he needs for later, he gets zapped by lightning as the storm rages on. As a result, the tellers ignore Chaos' requests and call the police. The police arrive, and recognize Chaos as not a significant threat. They still take him down to the station, to ask questions.
  • Cut back to the apartment. The LARP is done, with the trio heading downstairs for some pierogis. Stephanie is present there, and Garfield begins talking to her. Volkov whispers to Lex that he gave Stephanie directions to Garfield's residence a while ago. Volkov and Lex are acquainted with Stephanie.
  • Meanwhile, at the police station, Chaos is greeted immediately by a familiar face - Xavier's. Xavier gets into an argument with the Chief of Police, but wins it in time to free Chaos. Xavier begins introducing himself formally to Chaos, and gets a selfie with our intrepid protagonist. Xavier explains his motives to Chaos - Xavier knew Cicero, Chaos' father - and while Xavier doesn't expect any of what he says to be endearing to Chaos, he wanted to still have a chat and a selfie with Cicero's "son," and reveals knowledge of Chaos' humiliating failed attempt at the Lucky Sevens Casino. Xavier leaves, asking the police to let Chaos go. The police are reluctantly persuaded to comply, as Chaos gets to depart the station.
  • Chaos calls Lex, wondering how things are going down, and that ends the Chapter.