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I have ideas on how to finish Wikihood Volume 1, since I'm largely concerned that keeping the ideas a secret will impede our progress in terms of "finishing this shit" (I don't think it's shit but hopefully the drift is caught as of June 10, 2019). Given my natural bias, I feel like I will need the extra set of eyes & ears to modify some of these ideas.

The Resolution Of Episode 13: "Takoya-Ki To Destiny" / Possibly Episode 14

Garfield's cellphone gets shot by a rich blond French-Lavosian by the name of Jacques DuFour, as he's about to head inside Stephanie Young's apartment. Garfield responds by trying to make a Sphere of Annihilation ("Lapis Lazuli Straight Ballin'"), but all that happens is an ineffectual floating ball made of Lapis Lazuli floating around him rather than Jacques. Jacques chases a Garfield who still has his rocket shoes, which causes him to run out of bullets. However, Garfield winds up jumping out of a window and crash lands into a different part of Downtowningdale. Jacques pursues Garfield, but so does Stephanie (who sees Garfield crash-landing from nearby), Xavier & DuTempi (who were getting coffee and discussing plans to get the Fundraiser money back into their pockets), and Chaos & Noelle (who watch Garfield fly out of the window from their apartment complex, not too far off from where his fight took place).

Leigh gets supplies and makes a cool LARP costume. Lex and Leigh set out to train with the LARP krewe of the Towningdale Underground Market. Along the way, they both come across Jules and Gordon, who "interview" Leigh for a job as Jules' bodyguard. Recognizing the need for money in a capitalist shithole like the United States, Leigh accepts the $18.00/hr wage job, albeit begrudgingly (because Leigh isn't that adept at fighting and doesn't feel like he'd be any more good at it than he would be at "trying to be a magical Drow like his bro Ned"). Word eventually reaches Lex/Leigh/Jules/Gordon of "oh shit Garfield is fighting someone for real, it's not One Of His LARPs," through a wonky game of Telephone concocted by a multitude of people from all across Towningdale.

Garfield makes his way out of Downtowningdale, attempting to head to Spook Cliff. Eventually, the Chief of Police stumbles upon him, and wonders if he's okay. The Chief and Garfield have an okay conversation after the fact, though it is largely implied that the Chief will have to take Garfield under protective custody lest the DuTempi mafia get to him. Garfield reluctantly accepts the Chief's help, if only owing to the fact that there isn't a whole lot else he can do (Katyusha's is probably surrounded; getting access to his arsenal of armor/weapons is otherwise an issue that cannot be resolved without entering a NoxCorp facility and possibly annoying Xiorno).

The mob and the police fight against each other, in something that alerts Chief and Garfield. Garfield volunteers to help fight against the DuTempis, lamenting that he always feels like he's a secondary character compared to everyone else in his life, including relatives and even close friends (such as Stephanie), and that he never got to fight them the way Chaos/Lex/Noelle did. The Chief tries arguing against vigilantism, but his argument is quashed by the DuTempis trying to break his car. Garfield tries to make use of his Lapis Lazuli Straight-Ballin', only to fail and have to resort to rocket shoes and leftover takoyaki in order to stifle the DuTempis' efforts against Chief.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate between the DuTempis and the average citizen of Towningdale. Most citizens show they won't be intimidated by them, much to the annoyance of Xavier/DuTempi/DuFour. Chaos & Noelle successfully meet up with Lex/Leigh/Jules/Gordon/Volkov, as they try to properly explain the goings-on to one another so they're all filled in. The DuTempis continue to cause havoc, as everyone has to square off against them and their sheer numbers.

Garfield tries to find Stephanie amidst the DuTempi-free-for-all that has ensued across all of Towningdale, while Stephanie tries to do the same. Garfield tries to admit his being primarily responsible for all of the happenstances of the past few months, with Stephanie implying she already knew and has been trying to keep D'Arque from using him as leverage against her, or using him as a weapon against everyone else in Towningdale. However, Stephanie unwittingly plops him right into the lap of D'Arque/DuTempi/DuFour, causing an ensuing fight to occur as a result. Recognizing the immediate danger he's in, Garfield performs a lot of odd combat tricks and other acts to keep the "Big Bads" at bay. These tricks - as well as an "activated for two seconds" Lapis Lazuli Straight Ballin' - wind up killing DuTempi purely by mistake, with D'Arque retreating with DuTempi's body.

Eventually, Stephanie departs to alert Volkov (& others, implicitly) of where Garfield is, so he can be picked up before the now-leaderless DuTempis try to take him out. They manage to do so, but barely; Xavier assumes leadership of the DuTempi mafia from the sidelines, but this is then hijacked by his ancestor, Debonair.

Episode 15: "Life Is A Cabaret"

Debonair hijacks all of Xavier's schemes, by first re-animating Andre DuTempi's corpse in order to provide a chain of command. Swiftly, Debonair takes the moment to bring "life" to the old theatre in which he's been housed in for so long.

The entire Episode would be told in flashback, detailing the monumental history of Towningdale from the perspective of its founder, Debonair. He would reveal dark secrets to Xavier about what he has always planned to do with Towningdale, and how he had planned to subjugate the modern-day citizens to do his bidding. If he's successful, he could rule the world; given Xavier's constant screw-ups, Debonair no longer sees Xavier as useful to him and discards him within a nearby district.

Xavier goes to Rosenberg Industries, and demands help. Just in time, an army of undead sweeps parts of Downtowningdale, much to the shock of everyone around them. The citizens aren't entirely unable to fight back, much to Debonair's annoyance.

Meanwhile, on the end of "Wikihood Krewe," Chaos and Garfield argue about how things have escalated as a result of both of them. Stephanie officially meets the Krewe in full; after some time, she decides that Xavier needs to be dealt with at some point, regardless of how helpful he had previously been to her. They get news on the undead army, which alarms Stephanie most of all (she had been filled in on bits and pieces of Debonair's... everything... by D'Arque). As the army has not made it past Downtowningdale at any point, Stephanie tries to evacuate everyone to Spook Cliff. They decline, and she decides they're probably able to fight Xavier and Debonair after all.

Episode 16 / Possibly Episode 17, Depending On How Long The Xavier-Debonair Fight Goes

Fighting proliferates, as the zombie pile amasses.

The Wikihood Krewe head to Katyusha's, to stock up on supplies. They then immediately make a dash for Downtowningdale, to fight off the zombie hordes. Gradually, however, the zombie army gets bored of fighting and causing a great deal of theatrical mayhem. Likewise, the citizens nearly exhaust themselves in their efforts, save for a select few whom Xavier recognizes as useful to his plan of getting back at his ancestor. Xavier recruits them, within eyeshot of the Krewe, and they follow him to the re-opened Theatre and watch.

Xavier confronts Debonair, before the latter can comment on why his zombie army isn't refurbishing more of Towningdale beyond Downtowningdale. A fight ensues, in immense defeat for Xavier. However, the fight causes Debonair's body to finally break down, revealing that Debonair's soul still lingers around. Since he cannot possess an entire theatre and make it sentient, the next best thing for him to do is attempt Grand Theft Self on Xavier. The Wikihood Krewe intervenes, but Xavier still has enough will that he could mostly take care of it himself.

Given the general sentiment of everyone in the Krewe, they decide to fight both Xavier and Debonair. They rotate between phases. Garfield punches Xavier in the cock at least once during the Xavier Phases, in order to damage both Xavier and Debonair simultaneously (this winds up not working as effectively as he hoped). Meanwhile, the others resolve to fight only during the Debonair Phase to help Xavier out with getting Debonair out of him. Gradually, this begins to work.

Debonair's spirit is eventually pacified, which causes the zombie army to fade away along with him.