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Chapter 3 - Odd Job Drow {Let's keep this title, if we can...}

  • Leigh "awakens" in his apartment (presumably, he snaps out of a meditative trance). He is shown to (badly) masquerade as a Human in a world he perceives will treat him better for it than if he were to be a Drow.
  • Leigh solemnly looks at a picture of his ex-girlfriend, Maddie, for a few seconds. Before he can comment on it to himself, the phone rings.
  • On the other line, is his immensely more successful younger brother, Ned. He is shown beginning a workout routine of Dance Dance Revolution songs, while Leigh recaps the previous few days of being within Towningdale:
    • Upon getting on the plane from Michigan to Republic Island, it is hijacked.
    • Leigh is showcased - using martial artist stunt doubles as a reference frame - confronting said hijacking with an uncanny style and grace that also has comedic elements involved.
    • Despite his grace with the hijacking, he is late for a job interview and thus rejected from an otherwise-potential prospect in an unknown office occupation, which he would have otherwise gotten with ease.
    • Leigh pities himself briefly, stating "Not even Maddie could bear with my notoriously bad luck."
  • Ned reassures Leigh that things will be fine. He offers to help keep Leigh afloat for a while longer in between the job hunt.
  • Leigh declines the offer initially, but accepts once he recognizes the trouble he'd otherwise be in.
  • Leigh prepares himself for another day in Towningdale, through basic hygeine and shaving. He keeps a bag of shavings, which he delivers to his landlord in the Wigmaker's Shoppe below his apartment. Said landlord is overly fascinated, much to Leigh's immense discomfort. He arrives at a nearby Tailor's Shoppe, and almost makes the Tailor within happy until Leigh's self-delusions of being a Human and not a Drow disappoint him.
  • Leigh has a new outfit.
  • The phone rings; it's Ned again, who has great news! There's an interview with Jacqueline Rosenberg of Rosenberg Industries, and Leigh has to be there within the time limit of an hour. The problem here is that Leigh doesn't have a fast enough means of transportation to get from Skiverton (the name of the district he's in) to Downtowningdale in time.
  • Leigh finds he can use roller skates to get there, and barters with a kid who owns them in exchange for some rare Golden Girls trading cards.
  • Leigh speeds through Downtowningdale, bumping into Chaos. His resume goes flying, and Chaos lays the verbal smackdown to add insult to injury.
  • Leigh wins the sympathy of many passersby, who grant him his resume and help him get to his interview in time.
  • Jacqueline Rosenberg impatiently attempts to write Leigh off as unworthy; he hasn't stayed more than two weeks at any particular job, save one where Leigh was "allegedly" in the North Pole for two years as a toymaker for Santa Claus. Though it sounds far-fetched, she decides there has to be more than meets the eye just off of that (though the bar is still painfully set low). Not knowing what job he's interviewing for causes her grief, to the point where she internally decides he's not worth the trouble.
  • As she takes time to muse a way politely send Leigh packing, Jules - her nephew - violently interrupts her brainstorming. Jules reveals he was on the same plane that Leigh was hijacked in - presumably, by a death squad of Welsh mercenaries under the employ of the People's Republic of North Syllahona. The "real" scene of the hijacking plays, where Leigh attempts to get out of the airplane and fails miserably, but also unwittingly spells the doom of the death squad trying to hijack the plane in a series of moments where "Hilarity ensues."
  • Cut back to the present. After some dispute over whether or not Leigh's even qualified to take on a position in Rosenberg Industries, let alone an office position for $12.00/hr, Jacqueline mulls over this new discovery, and returns to Leigh.
  • Leigh assumes he's not getting the job, based on how long she took to "think it over." She proves him wrong, both defiantly and with a desire to see Leigh end his "bad luck streak" effective tomorrow morning. Leigh accepts, and moves along in order to prepare for that tomorrow. He heads home, accordingly.
  • Along the way, he comes across Rosemary and Garfield LARPing. The spectacle, though only seen through the "Reality" Lens, amuses him. He follows them into a different part of Towningdale, where things escalate until a phone call causes the fight to end abruptly, much to Garfield's ire. Garfield takes his ire out on an unwitting Leigh, ranting to him in Deep Speech in what can be described as a fit of rage.
  • Leigh is introduced to Jules, who quickly finds the Drow's abode. Leigh quickly deduces that Jules was responsible for Jacqueline's presumptive change of heart, but finds Jules a worthy first friend to make in what appears to be a time where his luck was changing. Jules proposes that he eventually find Leigh a higher-paying job within Rosenberg Industries, once the dust settles.
  • Leigh and Jules stop by Tracy's cereal shoppe. Part of this reveals Jules' drug-dealing habits, while it also happens to be along the way to a favourite karaoke bar: the Angry Bull.
  • Anxious, Leigh goes over to a Golden Girls Pinball Machine he identifies, and sings along to the song it plays. He then puts a quarter in, and fails. Cursing himself, he seems to spiral back into self-pity before muttering that the Pinball game was "a freakin' rip-off anyway." Jules overhears this, and follows Leigh into the same section.
  • Jules gives Leigh a motivational speech, and a sack of quarters, suggesting he shouldn't be so defeatist about things. This heavily implies Jules knew exactly why Jacqueline was going to reject Leigh in the first place, which was decidedly not because of his "bad luck." {This is intended to give Leigh a fresh perspective on the happenings of his time in Towningdale thus far, which aren't entirely up to chance.}
  • Rejuvenated by Jules' words of courage, Leigh approaches the Pinball Machine with determination. The Chapter ends, with ambiguity as to whether or not Leigh was any more successful this time than the previous.