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Jerry was a coworker created by Sephiroth for the Chapter following the Pilot Trio - "Ready, Set, Go!" He was presumably named as such just so there would be someone in Garfield's workplace - NoxCorp - who was a celebrity impersonation of Jerry Lewis. Before recognizing the celebrity impressions jokes prevalent in "Ready, Set, Go!" and in Chaos Pilot, I initially thought Jerry was lifted wholesale from Rick & Morty, due to said co-worker being a coward who trembles at Garfield's hypercompetent science rescuing the rest of NoxCorp from plants let loose by said coward.

I didn't have a whole lot planned for Jerry. Before the existence of Rosemary Touchdown, I actually considered making the Orkneyan Snapper subplot of "Ready, Set, Go!" part of Garfield Pilot so I could remake "Ready, Set, Go!" to sandwich it. Given I already had a Chapter slot that I could dedicate to making something outright new for Current Wikihood to still function properly, and given there were set pieces in "Ready, Set, Go!" that were agreed to stay in where they were after a back-and-forth about how useful the Chapter was in general, I ultimately relented and tried to give Jerry some more screentime.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot I could do with Jerry that wasn't just "make him a one-off bounty hunter whom resents Garfield." I decided to scrap that, mostly because it's never really been made clear whether Garfield's vigilante shenanigans against the rich and powerful (like D'Arque) actually ever conflicted with his work schedule at NoxCorp. Another thing that ruled a lot out was that Jerry had no discernible traits that could be extrapolated on. He was just a bad coworker whom Garfield had to undo the actions of, and all that he would amount to was several scenes where Garfield's boss - a half-bronze, half-black Dragon named Xiorno - would have him fired for violating OSHA in the workplace.

Because of the story of Current Wikihood focusing primarily on Chaos initially, with bits of Leigh/Lex/Garfield sometimes, there wasn't a whole lot of characterization for NoxCorp. Garfield probably wasn't even supposed to have a Dragon boss in the first place, and I probably fucked a lot of shit up by including a Dragon as a boss in NoxCorp (I am thankful that Sephiroth tolerated this somehow). I borrowed God Complex & Bruce from the Pilot Trio because I was unsure of how to make "social interactions with coworkers go" without use of other recurring characters from other parts of Current Wikihood. Eventually, Jerry just kind of got rendered obsolete outside of "casualty of NoxCorp" / "person whose job got terminated from NoxCorp because he was a colossal jackass."

I could maybe try again with him, Xiorno, and other NoxCorp-specific characters once we finish revamping the Pilot Trio.