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Chapter 2 - "Garfield Pilot" {Initially this was going to be called "Superior of the Inbetween," a nod to Xemnas' title in Organization XIII and a subtle jab at myself for still having unresolved issues with Kingdom Hearts that ultimately culminate in a Katawa Hearts-ism. I do not have an alternative "True Name" for Garfield Pilot, so I'll stick with commando name until I find something I like the sound of.}

  • While Chaos is holed up in his room, Garfield notices Lex is crestfallen about what happened the night before.
  • Garfield's boss, Xiorno, calls him to alert him that he actually has to work on-site in NoxCorp in Downtowningdale, for once, due to an unforeseen emergency.
  • Garfield bids Lex adieu with a hug and assurance that something will eventually make "the jabroni" / "the ja8roni" (Chaos) humble.
  • Garfield makes a mad dash to NoxCorp, and finds a sentient plant monster has tasted flesh and grown to like it far too much for the work environment to be safe.
  • Garfield quickly dispatches the problem, using entirely non-magical means. Quickly, the people responsible for feeding the plant monster flesh are summarily and bluntly terminated from their positions in NoxCorp.
  • Xiorno commends Garfield on a job well done.
  • Garfield spends an hour in his office both talking with higher-ups about the incident so it can be recorded for improvements on how the work environment of NoxCorp can be less hostile, and browsing through social media. Specific posts give Garfield memories of his past, which identify snippets of his character and "what his deal" is.
  • After a moment, Garfield excuses himself and heads back to Katyusha's. He takes a moment of solace, and attempts to find the most "casual clothes" possible. Due to his gratuitous LARPing and otherwise heavy focus on both science and magic as "equally important" subjects in his life, Garfield has trouble with this.
  • Garfield's perspective versus someone else's perspective is shown, through a dynamic shot of both. Garfield's is a lot more "magical" and "edgy" in appearance, while the someone else's perspective is interesting in its own right, without needing to be front-in-centre about it. {I presume the catch with Gareality v Reality is that Reality is able to meet Gareality in coolness pound for pound, but do so in ways that allow for actual integration; the point being that Garfield needs to accept the "Not-him" Reality for the good parts of it}
  • Garfield heads towards a place he calls "Spook Cliff" to come to terms with his past memories, by attempting to commune with a specific tree known as "Taulragothna." He encounters someone who anticipated his arrival; a bounty hunter by a presumed "codename" of Rosemary, who initially introduces herself as R. M. Gwydion beforehand.
  • Garfield and Rosemary fight each other; in Gareality it invokes high-octane, high-magic action, while in Reality it is an awkward but still subtly-interesting and eye-catching-to-at-least-one-Drow, who watches part of it. This escalates beyond Spook Cliff, and winds up attracting attention in a different part of Towningdale's outskirts.
  • A crowd of people gaze upon it, only for it to be stopped midway through by a call from a relative of Rosemary's. Garfield attempts to call it a draw, only for Rosemary to promise to return to "finish what [she] began." Leigh, having followed along, asks Garfield what was going on. Garfield unfortunately rants about his woes to Leigh in Deep Speech, much to the latter's disturbance.
  • Garfield spots Stephanie amidst said crowd and, remembering her fondly, he goes over to converse with her.
  • Stephanie is in towne, and both of them try to schedule something to take full advantage of this neat coincidence.
  • Garfield stops by Tracy's cereal shoppe, having a pleasant one-on-one that cements Garfield's rapport with Towningdale locals of the non-magical kind, at least in stark contrast to what he initially believed.
  • Garfield finishes off the remainder of the day in a centaur-themed restaurant: Chief Beef's. He gets some items to go, then returns home to meet up with Chaos, whom he comes to a gradual understanding with.