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Chapter 2 - Garfield Pilot {Initial name was "Superior of the Inbetween," a Kingdom Hearts reference - specifically, alluding to Xemnas' title whilst he was in the Old Organization XIII. I think Lex wants to do a different Chapter Nomenclature and I am in agreeance with him that something different is overall preferred. I do not have anything myself, but will note that "Garfield Goes Grocery Shopping" feels off compared to "The Saga Beginues" and "Odd Job Drow," the other two Pilot Trio Chapters. If "Garfield Goes Grocery Shopping" was an occurrence later on in the Wikihood Volume 1 Timestream, I'd probably go with it as a title since it's still pretty cool, and goes well alongside "Give Leigh Twenty Dollars."}

  • With Lex and Chaos out on their walk during "The Saga Beginues," Garfield attempts to get some work done at home for NoxCorp. Some time passes, and he winds up browsing social media after having finished the work he assigned himself. While browsing, Garfield sees that his peers and closest allies appear to be living far more exciting and fulfilling lives than his own. Time passes by, and Garfield has already finished an earlier meal while reminiscing on earlier times in both East Germany (where Garfield got his Nobel Prize for curing a fatal Orcish disease known as Ciwic'arrosh) and Republic Island (specifically, both Bluehaven and Towningdale, though Garfield has visited all of the noteworthy cities within this state). {Good starting pointe for giving exposition on "What's The Deal With Garfield," in a similar vein to what happened with Chaos Pilot and what presumably happens with Chaos Pilot.}
  • Plagued with ennui, Garfield rummages through an armoury in his closet to identify a project he can work on while not doing work at NoxCorp. An incomplete, purple plush heart with machine parts in it catches his eye, and he remembers making it for a beloved friend of his - Stephanie Young. Incidentally, she calls him, letting him know that she is in town and offering to hang out with him. This is scheduled later in the week, to be more flexible for the both of them, and he accepts. He resolves to finish the plush heart, referred to as a "Katawa Heart," in time for the outing. {This is setup for later Chapters after the Pilot Trio.}
  • Rummaging through even more of the armoury, Garfield finds some "casual clothes," as well as two crimson falchions with a cyberpunk aesthetic about them. Unfortunately, Garfield's clothes still look standoffish compared to what "other people" wear, which makes him decide to buy some Actually Casual Clothes in time for the outing with Stephanie. He goes out with the clothes and several items of importance to him, all gathered from this armoury.{This scene would be a signifier of what makes Garfield unique as a main character.}
  • Garfield heads outside, and is immediately discomforted by the noises around him. He puts on headphones, and plays Tints by Anderson .Paak (feat. Kendrick Lamar) on a music device while strolling through Downtowningdale, on his way to a different part of Towningdale - Spook Cliff. {First display of Garfield's Reality v. Other's Reality.}
    • In "Garfield's Reality," the journey towards Spook Cliff is filled with a lot of vibrant colours and shapes. Garfield looks to be striding through the sidewalk as if he was in a music video. {Garfield's Reality involves a lot of outright bizarre backgrounds, often invoking magic and science to detail what would otherwise be considered "mundane" to Garfield.}
    • In "Other's Reality," Garfield's journey is filled with random dance scenes which confound the citizens ("colours and shapes") around him, though many find it endearing in an uncanny way. {Other's Reality is self-explanatory; what Garfield sees, others don't, and vice-versa. These Others typically see Garfield as an extremely eccentric person, though one that could be likable if he and others actually saw eye-to-eye. Besides that, often the two Realities invoke differing Rules of Cool, with Other's Reality being the kind of fulfillment Garfield would have, if he had a broader sense of nuance and a higher self-esteem.}
  • Garfield arrives at Spook Cliff. His first journey into Spook Cliff is to gather materials to finish the Katawa Heart, starting with an electronics store. {I don't have a particular name for this electronics store, but I know it as "Not HappyMart" which is something Garfield would highly regard.}
  • Garfield cautiously enters the electronics store, remembering that he has to be ever vigilant due to his cultivating a LARPsona "Noxigar Bellinski" that managed to get "a bounty on his head." {Segue into the next unique aspect of Garfield's perspective.}
    • Right on schedule, in "Garfield's Reality," a pink bolt of energy flies past Garfield's head, ruffling his hair.
    • In "Other's Reality," a strawberry milkshake flies past his head instead. This immediately attracts the attention of some other patrons, as the milkshake hits someone else nearby.
  • He turns to see the person who threw the bolt of energy/milkshake: RoseMary Gwydion, who goes by the alias "R.M." She reveals herself to be a bounty hunter, much to Garfield's displeasure. He sees her draw her weapon - a beam katana - and draws out his weapons. {Introduction of a rival character who was formerly known as Rosemary Touchdown. She is basically the living embodiment of a work Sephiroth created known as Katawa Hearts, which I have tried making characters based around the philosophy invoked in Katawa Hearts - fuse things I like (MegaTokyo, Night In The Woods, Legend of Legaia) with things I strongly dislike (Scott Pilgrim v The World, Danganronpa, Firefly/Serenity). Otherwise, Katawa Hearts was meant to be catharic therapy in response to media I genuinely have conflicted feelings about (Kingdom Hearts, RWBY, Homestuck). Initially, this was going to be a character known as "Scotty Touchdown" who was from the original Katawa Hearts project and invoked this philosophy as a result.}
    • Garfield's Reality - A legendary sword fight ensues, with cyberpunk falchion and beam katana clashing.
    • Other's Reality - The LARP equivalent of a dorky slapfight. Other patrons of the electronics store watch with a mix of terror and entertainment, though "this is the fourth LARP this week" is also noted.
  • The fight is eventually called a draw, after roughly an hour or so of dorky slapfight. Both parties are too exhausted to continue, but still maintain Battel Stances for a while longer. Garfield and R.M. exchange witty banter, but effectively stop the fight before it can escalate to the point of Security needing to be called (even so, the fight brought more customers to the store and motivated them to buy things, which brought a net profit).
  • Garfield gets what he needs, and invokes another of his items - The Point Card. Granted to him by Stephanie as a parting gift from Bluehaven, Garfield unwittingly acquires a shopping addiction as a result of wanting to optimize usage of The Point Card - "buy lots of things, harness enough power to One-Hit-KO a powerful enemy, like HappyMart." {Garfield's vigilante campaigns have known targets - usually the rich and powerful, for example Hollywood's cabal of sex offenders that keep getting away with awful shit because they're loaded with lawyer money and can blacklist anyone who tries rocking the boat.}
  • Garfield exits the store successfully, and comes across a unique part of Spook Cliff on his way towards the Underground Market - a graveyard with a giant green tree that glows, but only in Garfield's Reality. Garfield calls the tree by a fairly unique-ish name, searches the area for a missing ring, and wanders off in a daydream sequence. {Segue to next Garfield-ism, which involves frequent trips to specific parts of Spook Cliff and The Underground Market, both of which are important parts of Towningdale to him.}
  • Along the way, Garfield records what he acquired and looks around The Underground Market. He looks over his budget, and then recognizes that getting anything aside from machinery to finish the Katawa Heart and food exceeds his budget for the week. He proceeds to enter a high-end steakhouse owned by centaurs, known as Chief Beef's. {Scene involving The Underground Market.}
  • Garfield arrives back at Downtowningdale, and heads toward Surreal Cereals. {All three Pilot Trio Chapters are intended to feature a scene involving visiting Tracy, and Surreal Cereals, by extension. This enables Tracy to have his importance to Wikihood denoted in the "most effective tactic available" (META), while also giving each of the protagonists a chance to be Not So Different from each other. Additionally, it allows for the setting to concretely establish Chaos, Leigh, and Garfield's Chapters as happening at around the same time in the event that all three do not ostensibly intersect.}
  • Garfield talks to Tracy for a bit.
  • Garfield then heads to a Karaoke Bar, sings a song in order to win more "auction money," winds up unsuccessful despite a good effort in countertenor, and is reassured by a Minotaur by the name of Bruno to try again later. He begins exiting the karaoke bar at around the same time as Leigh and Jules are about to enter. He unwittingly bumps into them while in his own Reality, which causes Leigh and Jules to act hostilely towards him on accident. Due to an anxiety trigger, Garfield winds up apologizing and ranting about his day in Deep Speech, which only Leigh can understand - and thus be confused by even harder. Jules acts more empathic because he picks up on Garfield's severe anxiety, and Leigh accepts Garfield's apology. {This was from the original Garfield Pilot, as a means of bridging between Garfield and Leigh's timelines. Instead of two mini-scenes that bridge timelines, I have one that is a bit meatier; this will also aid and abet Leigh Pilot, of course. This additionally shows Garfield as not being a Social Primary by any metric, and shows what a disconnection between Garfield's Reality and Other's Reality looks like in a Third Person perspective.}
  • Garfield takes a trolley home.
  • Presumed end of Chapter.