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{Fade in, to a scene of Garfield, Lex, Jules, and Bling in a decrepit mansion. Jules and Lex look to be discussing what kind of drugs they want, with a shot showing that Bling is taking out said drugs from within a hotdog cart. However, Garfield's "Gareality" is activated as he tries to analyze this mansion. He then "scans" Bling, which in "Reality" is translated as a blank stare. Bling finds Garfield's stare unnerving.}

BLING: The motherfuck are you lookin' at?

{Garfield blinks, as if "brought back" to Reality.}

GARFIELD: I'm sorry?

BLING: You've been gazing at me for thirty minutes straight. The fuck's your problem?

{Garfield looks anxious. Cut back to "Gareality," where Bling's voice distorts.}

BLING: Are you a fuckin' narc?! I-

{The "scan" reads positively as-}

GARFIELD: Hey, wait a minute; you're Tracy's brother!

BLING: {voice still distorted} Ohhhhhhhh, you're definitely a narc!

{Bling draws a gun, from one of his pockets. Cut back to "Reality," which has Lex look concerned for Garfield's well-being.}

LEX: No, no, mon! Garfield's just 'ad a long day. He-

{Garfield sees the gun, and his eyelids lower.}

BLING: Ah, fuck. Fuck, you're all narcs, aren't you?!

JULES: Uh, no? I'm not even with-

{Bling points the gun at Jules, which causes the latter to slowly stop speaking.}

BLING: Aight, I'm gettin' my Bling Boyz, and we finna get some answers off o' all y'all.

{Garfield gets into a Battel Stance.}

GARFIELD: Not if I can dis-

{Bling turns the gun back on Garfield. As Garfield's about to continue speaking, a shot can be heard. Garfield then falls down to one knee, and clutches his rib. He hisses, as if to stifle a loud howl of pain, while Lex attempts to go over to help Garfield. Bling points the gun at Lex.}

BLING: D-d-d-don't make me shoot you, too!

{Lex and Bling give each other cold stares, as the "Bling Boyz" emerge from various parts of the mansion. Cut to Gareality, where the atmosphere is far more sanguine in appearance. The emerging "Bling Boyz" look more like death cultists in Garfield's vision, and things generally take a turn for the horrific. All the same, Jules, Lex, and Bling look largely the same.}


LEX: Yeah?

JULES: I... I think we can take these guys on.

LEX: I gotta make sure Garf's not gonna keel over!

GARFIELD: Don't worry about me. Save yourselves.

{Lex's eyes widen in terror, as Garfield gets up. Nonetheless, with the Bling Boyz closing in, Lex and Jules wind up needing to fight them. Before Bling can attack either of the other two, Garfield approaches to attack, which just alarms Bling further.}

BLING: Get that ass banned from life!

{Bling shoots Garfield again, but midway through stumbling the latter manages to tackledive the former successfully. While Garfield is bleeding, he attempts to wrestle the gun from Bling's hands, which causes it to go off and hit parts of the manor. Debris ends up impeding the Bling Boyz's progress with surrounding Jules and Lex, giving them ample opportunities to fight back and successfully defend themselves. Bling manages to succeed in overpowering Garfield, pushing him aside, but when he goes to shoot Garfield a third time... the gun doesn't fire. This causes Garfield to cheekily smirk.}

GARFIELD: You should've... heh, kept count...

{Garfield gives Bling a "necrotic" punch to the cock, causing him to keel over. Cut back to Reality, where Lex and Jules have returned to the fray. Garfield looks a lot worse for wear than in Gareality, with Lex attempting to help him back up.}

LEX: Okay, you really gotta stop getting into situations with loaded guns aimed at you.

GARFIELD: Usually they fare better than... well, this, I guess...

{Garfield coughs.}

LEX: Well, luckily the truck's not far from 'ere.

GARFIELD: I... still left some NoxCorp supplies... I should be okay...

{Garfield closes his eyes, which alarms Lex. Garfield then opens them. While he struggles to move, all eyes point to the cart full of drugs.}

LEX: Can you 'andle some tea n' crumpets on the way?

GARFIELD: Sure. Why not? I'm sure one of these will be a painkiller on par with my favourite, Midol.

BLING: Oh, you better pa-

JULES: At this rate, my dude, you need. To shut. The fuck. Up.

{Jules, Lex, and Garfield loot Bling's hotdog cart full of drugs, emptying it as they depart from the mansion. The scene fades to black, ending.}