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{Cut to a flashback of Garfield, a bespectacled scientist with luggage in two, arriving to a pierogi bar. Behind him is Volkov, a muscular chef who lifts multiple luggages across his head.}

VOLKOV: I heard you needed room. Is here good?

{Garfield scans the room, twice. The first time, it is shown in Current Reality, where it looks "okay" for a place of residence. There's an obvious upstairs which leads to two apartments, with one being noticeably occupied by Volkov himself. The other apartment is empty, though it holds great potential due to how roomy it is. A bedroom closet most notably takes Garfield's attention, and he places the luggage there. In Garfield Reality (or Gareality), the apartment looks a lot more nice to look at. The pierogi cafe has six magical golden stars on top of it, and the apartment stairs almost look like they belong in a castle. The apartments have a "laboratory/supervillain lair" vibe to each of them.}

GARFIELD: It's... perfect!

VOLKOV: You do not mind?

GARFIELD: I hear this district of Towningdale is the nicest area within my tax bracket. I also hear this restaurant is easily the best of its stripe!

VOLKOV: We will need to talk payment, for upkeep.

{The camera fast-forwards to Volkov and Garfield, each seated on opposite ends of a booth table. Volkov shows Garfield a housing contract.}

VOLKOV: I will need you to sign here.

{Current Reality shows a normal housing contract. Gareality shows a contract far more "angelic"-looking. Garfield takes out a gold knife, and intentionally pricks one of his fingers. He winces a bit, but gets out a pen to take some of the blood from said finger. He signs the contract.}

VOLKOV: Do you normally sign contracts with your blood?

GARFIELD: Just angelic ones.

VOLKOV: I'm... not sure that's the right analogy. Sounds... different, when I hear "signing with blood."

GARFIELD: Well, my name's on the contract.

{Garfield gives the contract back to Volkov, as he scans the signature.}

VOLKOV: Is Wiggins really your surname?

{Fast-forward to Garfield, having unpacked all of his clothes, and other luggaged belongings. This includes several science textbooks, several role-playing game guides, and an assortment of magical items strewn about - including two red beam falchions. As soon as Garfield begins to relax on the floor, he hears noises downstairs.}

GARFIELD: ...Volkov?

{Garfield gets the beam falchions out, and opens his door. He puts an ear out to hear what's going on downstairs.}

MOBSTER 1: {in Russian} You're late for protection payments.

MOBSTER 2: {in Russian} The boss isn't too happy about that.

MOBSTER 3: {in Russian} Cough up all the money in your cash register, and all will be forgiven.

{Garfield slowly creeps down the stairs. He hears Volkov taking out money from the register, and frowns visibly. He gets a glancing shot of them all. There's a multitude of different mobsters in Katyusha's, all focused on a calm Volkov.}

VOLKOV: {in Russian} That's all I've got.

{A fourth mobster collects the cash, and moves to a table to count it. However, he's within eyeshot of Garfield, who stares dead at him. This mobster smiles cruelly.}

MOBSTER 4: {in Russian} I didn't know you had a guest staying with you, Volkov!

MOBSTER 3: {in Russian} No shit?

MOBSTER 4: {in Russian} Let's take him, too! He's probably worth something in a brothel.

{Cut to Volkov, who looks to be hurriedly rifling for something underneath the counter of the pierogi cafe. Then, cut back to Garfield as he jumps down the stairwell in a Battel Stance, falchions out. In Current Reality, the Mobsters all give Garfield sarcastic looks, getting out baseball bats and firearms as a response. In Gareality, the Mobsters are briefly shocked by Garfield's presence, but still get out their weapons of choice. While the perspective is still Gareality, Volkov tries to nonverbally gesture to Garfield that this encounter was a mistake. However, Garfield charges at the Mobsters, falchions swinging.}

VOLKOV: {in Russian} Oh, dear God...

{The perspective intermittently shifts from Gareality to Current Reality. While in Current Reality, Garfield's falchion swings at least bruise some of the Mobsters, but they appear to change tactics in order to take him seriously. In Gareality, the falchion swinging slightly intimidates them, such that they actually have to do something to stop him. In Current Reality, Garfield stabs one of the Mobsters in the ribs, and he falls down as if questioning what stabbed him. In Gareality, that Mobster fades from existence and Garfield's attention is now on the others in the encounter. More show up, at least roughly twenty, which causes Garfield's eyes - in Gareality only - to glow red.}

GARFIELD: Edgelord Quirk activate!

MOBSTER 2: {in Russian} What the hell is he going on about?

{Garfield does a divekick, which in Current Reality is impressive enough on its own that several Mobsters stand back as one of them gets kicked in the skull. In Gareality, Garfield's divekick has an add-on, which causes said skull to look like it's exploding. The blast radius sends the Mobsters back, giving Garfield some much needed space.}

GARFIELD: I don't care how many of you there are, you better get out of here before-

{A gunshot can be heard from an assault rifle, in Volkov's hands, which returns the scene to Current Reality. The mobsters all look at Volkov, who then points his weapon at them.}

VOLKOV: {in Russian} Admittedly, I was hoping you guys would go away peacefully. However, thanks to my, erm, "Friend" here, I'm afraid that doesn't seem to be a tenable option without resorting to this skullduggery. Do as my "Friend" says, and leave. I will get you your protection money, I'll even get double of it if I have to.

MOBSTER 5: {in Russian, nervously} That's... good enough for us! I think...

{The mobsters collect their token two injured casualties, and flee. As soon as all the Mobsters leave, Volkov puts a hand on Garfield's shoulder.}

VOLKOV: That could've ended badly.

GARFIELD: I'm used to stuff like that.

VOLKOV: You... are?

GARFIELD: I went to a Wizard's School in Bluehaven. The Finest of its kind in the whole United States. I taught myself how to fight, because having a Nobel Prize for curing an illness people described as "Orc Cancer" wasn't enough to earn the respect of my Arcane-using peers, on its own terms.

VOLKOV: That seems... much.

GARFIELD: My Sangromancy Professor - Doctor Dyllon Lamont - seemed to think it was a valid coping mechanism. But, eventually I could still study Wizardry, but I couldn't stay there. That's what brought me here, to Towningdale.

{Short pause.}

VOLKOV: I dialed number of the police. You should probably put your toys away, before they get confiscated. I'd rather have a clean record... what was that you just did, anyway?

GARFIELD: It's been called Live Action Role Play, at least derisively. Usually I just get ready to fight, and people flee in terror of my... "theatrics," as they've been described.

VOLKOV: This is a pierogi bar. Hopefully, nothing bad happens here.

{Volkov looks at the camera with a look of genuine terror.}

VOLKOV: Either way, we'll have to discuss employment at restaurant, to give you plausible deniability.

GARFIELD: A Masquerade?

VOLKOV: "Masquerade." I like this term. It's good!

GARFIELD: I can uphold the Masquerade. What're the hours, and the like?

VOLKOV: We will discuss that later. Police will be here in ten minutes!

{Garfield nods, and heads back upstairs. The story ends here.}