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{Cut to Jules, Lex, and Garfield in a decrepit mansion. They are in front of Bling, who wields a hotdog cart full of drugs.}

BLING: What the motherfuck is up?

{Garfield gazes upon Bling, as he's conversing primarily with Jules and Lex about the various drugs, inside his hotdog cart, that are for sale.}

GARFIELD: {internally} Where have I seen this chap before? I have no idea who he is, but... something about him rubs me the wrong way...

{The camera zooms in on Bling's left pocket, which has the shape of a gun within.}

GARFIELD: {internally} I definitely don't want to mess around with him, but with Lex around I shouldn't be in any danger...

{The camera zooms to Bling's face. Something about it registers to Garfield as similar to Tracy, which gives him an idea. Bling turns to Garfield.}

BLING: The fuck are you lookin' at?

{Garfield blinks.}


BLING: It's been thirty fuckin' minutes, and you've not once looked at anything else other than me.


{The environment around Garfield distorts a bit, almost as if hinting at having messed up.}

BLING: {distorted voice} Are you a fuckin' narc?! I fuckin'-

GARFIELD: No, no, I just didn't recognize you for a bit. I-

{Lex's eyes widen, with concern.}

LEX: Garfield's just had a long day, mon. He lost-

BLING: Why are you covering for him?

{Bling draws the gun from his left pocket on Lex and Garfield.}

JULES: Dude, I don't think this is necessary. We-

BLING: You are all fuckin' narcs! Just admit it, and I'll spare your miserable lives.

{Garfield gets into a Battel Stance, but that causes Bling to point his pistol at him.}

BLING: Whatever it is you're fuckin' doing, you better stop.

GARFIELD: Don't threaten me with a good time.

{Shift to Current Reality, in which the scene plays out roughly the same, but without Bling having a distorted voice. Garfield's Battel Stance looks less poised and focused, but showcases how determined he looks despite.}

JULES: Dude, seriously. We're not narcs. You can check us for wires or whatever.

BLING: I'll check you for wires when...

{Shift back to Garfield Reality, or Gareality, in which Bling's voice is back to being distorted.}


{From the drywall, several people in monastic garbs approach Lex, Bling, and Garfield. Many of them focus primarily on Lex, but Jules gets involved after realizing how outnumbered they all are. Garfield makes a dive at Bling, who shoots. Garfield's shoulder is hit, but his momentum is such that he tackle-dives Bling successfully.}

LEX: Jules, I've got these guys.

JULES: Dude, it's... ten of them to each of us.

{Shift back to Current Reality, where Garfield and Bling have tackledived each other in a peculiar, yet still effort-laden, scramble for the gun in the latter's hands. Meanwhile, thirty hobos have entered the fray, with Jules and Lex musing about how they're going to take on the aggressive-looking foes.}

GARFIELD: You're Tracy's younger brother.


GARFIELD: We have met each other before, you... you do realize that, right?

{Shift back to Garfield Reality; while Bling's voice is no longer distorted, Garfield recognizes a looming shape in the distance. He looks upon his right shoulder, which is slowly starting to bleed.}

GARFIELD: It's a good thing I-

BLING: Y'ain't doin' shit! Get that ass banned from life!

{Bling shoots Garfield again, this time in the ribs. Garfield lets out an eldritch scream of horror, with a temporary shift to Current Reality showcasing that he's in extreme pain vocally. Despite this, Garfield and Bling still struggle for the gun. However, Lex's eyes widen in fear at Garfield's well-being.}

LEX: Garfield!

{Jules blinks.}

JULES: Holy shit.

LEX: We need t' get an ambulance for 'im-

{Shift to Garfield Reality. Lex and Jules have re-directed their focus to the monks, who appear to have started the fight. Several of them head in Garfield's general direction, but keep a safe distance. After all, Bling still has a loaded gun. Garfield's eyes in Garfield Reality glow red, as he tries yelling a Sangromancy spell. The ensuing tackle-fight is fast-forwarded, to where Garfield fails to keep a grip after getting one of his hands shot at. Current Reality showcases the same scene, but with Jules having talked some of the hobos out of engaging in combat with him and Lex. Those not persuaded are quickly dealt with by a genuinely unhappy Lex, who redirects his focus to Garfield to check on his state of being.}

LEX: There should be a NoxCorp facility nearby. We can-

JULES: I think we lost the war on the gun, though.

{Shift to Garfield Reality. Though most of the monks have been dispatched, Bling is able to re-enter the fight. Garfield sadly just lays there, slowly bleeding from his wounds. The looming presence from earlier reveals itself, as a skeleton with a blonde wig and a white dress.}

DEATH: You're one of the only people I know in this God-forsaken hellhole who would jump in front of a loaded gun.

GARFIELD: Better me than Lex.

{Cut to Current Reality, which shows Garfield having a conversation with literally no one.}

GARFIELD: I... didn't want him or the other guy-

JULES: Jules! My name is Jules!

GARFIELD:' -yeah. I didn't want them to get hurt... Bling only has-

{Bling shoots at the same hand Garfield is bleeding from.}

BLING: See?! SEE?! I knew you were a fuckin' narc! I'll fuck you all up!

{Bling gets out some rope from his hotdog cart, and gives it to the hobos. He nonverbally points to Lex and Jules, with the pistol. Cut back to Garfield Reality, with Death still being present.}

GARFIELD: Bling only has about two shots left...

DEATH: You know he can probably reload, right?

{Garfield silently blinks.}

DEATH: Even then, my dude, that's enough to still damage Lex and Jules. Your attempt to diffuse the situation was a fool's errand.

GARFIELD: Better to do something, than to do nothing.

{Garfield closes his eyes, which cease to glow red in Garfield Reality. The screen fades to black for a little bit, before the shift to Current Reality from Lex and Jules' perspective.}

JULES: Hey, before you tie us up... can I go to the bathroom?

{Lex looks disapprovingly at Jules.}

BLING: Ah, fuck it. I can't deny that request, though I've got my eye-

{Bling turns the pistol on Jules.}

BLING: ...on you. No funny shit.

{Jules shrugs. Bling escorts Jules to the bathroom, pistol pointed at Jules' back. They exit. Lex looks at the hobos who intend to tie him up.}

LEX: Y' better not.

HOBO 1: Why not?

{Lex looks at Garfield.}

LEX: You hurt my friend, mon.

HOBO 2: Not us. Bling did it.

LEX: And you think I'm going to agree with you tying us up?

HOBO 3: Oh, relax. He'll still be 'round.

GARFIELD: {in a faint whisper} Stabilize... stabilize... stabilize...

{Cut to Garfield Reality for a brief moment, in which some of the blood lost from Garfield's fight with Bling looks to be returning to him. Garfield's body begins to glow green.}

GARFIELD: I... didn't learn Sangromancy... for fuckin' nothing...

{Garfield returns to chanting "Stabilize." The hobos look confusedly at Garfield.}

HOBO 4: Is he not well in the head?

LEX: I don't know, but he's had a long day. Can you just let us go?

HOBO 5: No can do. Sorry-

{The screen abruptly fades to black, ending the scene.}