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{Cut to the apartment above Katyusha's. Garfield is the only person present, during a time where Chaos is presumptively looking for work and where Lex is already at work. He looks to have edited a multitude of scientific journals, from the comfort of home, and occupied his time otherwise with browsing social media.}

GARFIELD: {internally} Hrm... why is it that I feel so empty, yet I've accomplished so much?

{Garfield scans through his social media feed. Stories of grandiose adventures and fulfilling interpersonal relationships are glossed over, and examined thoroughly. Intermittently, shots of a saddened Garfield's face are given.}

GARFIELD: {internally} None of them have won a Nobel Prize, and yet...

{Garfield closes his eyes and sighs.}

GARFIELD: {internally} My Nobel Prize and young achievements essentially have enormous downsides that anyone who interacts with me would be able to guess in a smattering of nanoseconds.

{Zoom out. Garfield closes the social media browser.}

GARFIELD: {internally} "I'vegottogodosomething," as the adage from that visual novel I like goes.

{Short pause. Then, Garfield gets up and heads into the kitchen. He peers into the refrigerator, noticing it is empty.}

GARFIELD: {internally} ...ah. Not only has Bugs Bunny fu-

DRACNA: {internally} Bugs Bunny fucked my wife, not yours. Stop saying it in relation to your-

GARFIELD: {internally} I'm sorry, who are-

DRACNA: {internally} Stop stealing my gimmick.

{Garfield turns around. Quick shift to Gareality, which shows an Eldritch abomination in the same house, with Reality showing that no such being is present.}

GARFIELD: {internally} The fridge is empty.

DRACNA: {internally} That's your problem.

{In Gareality, the Eldritch abomination vanishes. Shift back to Reality, with Garfield coughing awkwardly as he returned to gazing at the empty fridge.}

GARFIELD: {internally} I need to get out more, it'd seem.

{Garfield returns to his room, and rummages through his closet. He has difficulty finding "casual clothes," amongst a lot of outfits, both LARP and non-LARP. All the same, he manages to put together a "casual outfit" with what he's got. He checks his look in a nearby mirror, finding himself "passable" enough to go outside.}

GARFIELD: It's just grocery shopping. What can possibly go wrong?

{Garfield is shown travelling, by trolley, to a different part of Towningdale - an area labelled by him as Spook Cliff, within its outskirts. He is then seen leaving the trolley, heading a few trees' distance to a grocery store known as "John's Groceries."}

GARFIELD: {internally} With the advent of megacorporations like HappyMart pushing most local businesses to the Underground Market, finding adequate stores everywhere else in Towningdale is a cumbersome task. I miss UberMart.

{Garfield heads inside to John's Groceries, and begins supplying himself with essentials. Due to his feeling alone, Gareality shows that he is alone. Reality, however, shows that people are looking at him, either in positive recognition of him, or with gazes of curiosity as to with whom they are dealing. Shift back to Gareality, where a pink bolt of energy passes by his head, and Reality, where a carton of milk is seen hitting a passerby. All eyes, Garfield's included, turn towards the source of the milk carton having been thrown: a bizarre teenage girl. An audience begins to form.}

GARFIELD: I'm sorry, am I-

ROSEMARY: I, Rosemary Touchdown-

GARFIELD: That's a neat commando name, but I think you can do better.

{Rosemary is taken aback.}


GARFIELD: Let me try again. I'm sorry, am I supposed to know who you are?

ROSEMARY: Rosemary Gwydion. I'm going to defeat you, Noxigar Bellinski, and get the reward money for that bounty on your head!

{Garfield blinks. The audience that was forming now backs away from Garfield and from Rosemary, as the latter takes out a katana.}

GARFIELD: couldn't have picked a better time to-?

ROSEMARY: Now. We fight now.

{Garfield facepalms.}

GARFIELD: Yare yare dawa.

ROSEMARY: Your sincere misuse of the terminology angers me even further!

{Rosemary charges at Garfield. Under Gareality, the strides look majestic and poised. Under Reality, they make audience members cringe, but Garfield is in utter awe. He casually moves towards her, not taking out any weaponry on his end.}

GARFIELD: I really wish I prepared for these ambushes better.

{Rosemary swings at Garfield with her katana. Garfield attempts to parry it with a fist, only to feel a noticeable sting. He looks atone of his fingers, which has been wounded via a crimson slice just above the knuckle. It looks a bit more terrifying in Gareality than in Reality.}

GARFIELD: So that's a real katana. You're not messing around, are you?

{Garfield backs away, as Rosemary's second slice is barely dodged. In Gareality, the words "Hair-Thin Dodge" and their associated kanji translation show forth as subtitles.}

ROSEMARY: Why would I mess around with the most wanted man in Republic Island?

{Garfield raises a brow.}

GARFIELD: raise a fair point? I think?

{Garfield tries a punch of his own, causing Rosemary to strike a third time. Though his other hand gets stung by the blade's sharpness, he maintains the fist's impact. He then does a roundhouse kick, disarming Rosemary. Her blade is sent flying, as it's attached to a wall. A random audience member shifts the perspective back firmly to Reality.}

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hey, Odd Guy! Are you alright?

{Garfield notices his hands are bleeding, from impact with a sharp metal blade.}

GARFIELD: I should be good.

{The Audience Member looks visibly concerned.}

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Well, if you need anything, we have a pharmacy aisle and we can get you some supplies on the house! This LARP looked dangerous.

{Garfield nods, solemnly. Rosemary's hands aim to choke Garfield, but he pushes her away. The end result is a fist-fight between the two, with Garfield losing due to his fists having been injured before. He tries stomaching the blows, but does a poor job of it. Other Audience Members begin trying to indirectly intervene, by trying to call for outside help, but Garfield attempts to nonverbally refuse their assistance. It is not until Rosemary's phone rings, that the beating stops on her end. She answers.}


{Muffling can be heard on the other end.}

ROSEMARY: Nan, I'm getting some groceries. I haven't completely run off.

{Concerned, slightly agitated muffling can be heard on the other end.}

ROSEMARY: Right. I'll... I'll get back soon. Do you want anything, on my way back?

{Negatory muffling can be heard.}

ROSEMARY: Alright, then. Bye!

{Rosemary hangs up. She then looks at Garfield, who still looks to be maintaining a firm Battel Stance despite being on the losing end.}

ROSEMARY: I'm afraid I'll have to finish you off later.

{Rosemary huffs impatiently. Several audience members approach Garfield, with medical supplies, which is translated into Gareality as a Sangromancy recovery spell with "????????" subtitled. Fade to black, as the scene ends.}