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Hi, yes. I had a bunch of silly plans for Volume 2 of Wikihood, and wanted to write them down here in the event of "is this compatible with what's been assessed as of now (June 10, 2019)?" These plans aren't mutually exclusive, and in fact could help with Garfield not being left to eat dust in the upcoming Volume.

Plan 1

  • Garfield attempts to fight Cicero, Chaos's dad. Initially, the plan was for an early confrontation to show that Garfield somewhat respects Chaos, and believes Cicero to be the source of all the Anarchomancer's problems. While this is still true, a fight in Volume 1 was rendered verboten. The initial proposition was for Garfield to fight Cicero as the latter is about to abduct Chaos, only to fail and be motivated to travel to Lavosia in order to rescue someone he begrudgingly considers a "friend."

Plan 2

  • Garfield winds up stuck in Towningdale while the others travel to Lavosia, due to a number of factors which can be inferred from interactions in Volume 1.
    • Because he's stuck, he tries to help Towningdale's citizens as a means of getting un-stuck.
    • This could culminate in him running for Senate on Republic Island, based on an idea Sephiroth suggested for me in real life ("gary you should run for senate")
    • W O R L D B U I L D I N G elsewhere in Republic Island happens.

Plan 3

  • Garfield succeeds in getting travel, but winds up lost elsewhere. He stumbles upon a white lion in a part of Asia that he tries to adopt. This would mostly allude to what was supposed to be "Season Germany" back in the Prime days, and would give some credence to Season Germany without me having to name a Let's Play series after it. I admittedly forgot what actually was supposed to happen in Season Germany in the first place, and I feel like I'd be told "that's probably a good thing."
  • Garfield attempts to develop rapport, so he can get to Lavosia and set things right between him and the government that D'Arque paid in Volume 1.

Plan 4 (a.k.a. "Fuck The Rule Of Three With A Rake")

  • Garfield does journey to Lavosia unmolested, but gets sidetracked by a number of different occurrences throughout Europe and becomes "the Hero of his own Story" a la One Piece.