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Chapter 1 - "Pilot Redux: The Saga Beginues {I want to keep the "Pilot Redux" bit but I also codename the Episode "Chaos Pilot" anyway, so Chaos Pilot's "actual name" isn't a concern to me much.}

  • Beginning courtroom scene establishing Felix "Chaos" Abraxas Zabat being convicted of grand larceny. He is sentenced to five years in prison.
  • Modern day shot of Chaos in prison. He is ostensibly being released, three years into his sentence, on parole.
  • Chaos gets some of his personal belongings back. Most of these give minor snippets of "what his deal" is, to give some clarity as to what kind of person Chaos is set to be at the beginning.
  • Chaos is escorted outside. He encounters an ice cream truck, owned by his partner-in-crime, Lex. Chaos is confused, but appreciative of Lex being the only one to actually show up to pick him up.
  • Along the way, Lex reveals the fate of the other participants of the Heist - Toby got mobbed by seven Dwarven Hellknights on motorbikes, Rashid moved back to Lebanon and enlisted in the military - with his status so far being MIA, Elhera returned to crime after a year of "retirement" under the banner of the Glabal MC, and Headwiz is around but generally keeps to herself. {As this was mostly just exposition, I feel Lex would warn Chaos that returning to crime is a bad idea through mentioning the fates of their former partners, or at least mention how the Heist's aftermath was incredibly sour once Chaos was out of the picture.}
  • CHAOS: "Where'd you end up settling in?"

LEX: "Towningdale."

  • Lex and Chaos drive past the wealthier aspects of Towningdale, much to Chaos' confusion. Lex comes clean about how arduous dividing the money evenly between six people was, especially since having to spruce up an ice cream truck was already costing a pretty penny. Chaos gradually comes to the realization that his dreams were dashed, as they keep driving along Towningdale's roads. He's still hopeful that things turn out okay in the end...
  • Lex parks the ice cream truck alongside a pierogi restaurant - Katyusha's. As he and Chaos enter, Volkov greets them.
  • Chaos is initially unimpressed, but he follows Lex upstairs to their small, humble apartment. Unfortunately, the Anarchomancer finds it too humble for his tastes. This is met with confusion from the next introduced character - Dr. Garfield Wiggins.
  • Garfield creates a Naminade (alcoholic drink mixing sake, fruit punch, and the in-universe equivalent of Pepsi), making a Midol pill the "finishing touches" to it. He then takes it down the hatch.
  • Garfield introduces himself as a grown-up prodigy, whose oddball quirks alienate Chaos. However, Garfield's six-figure salary intrigues Chaos. Garfield shows a collection of "magical items" with a "what you see is what you get" implication out of most of them. This includes a cardboard cutout of a sorcerer whom resembles Nicholas Cage, the magical item which amuses Chaos the most. Unfortunately, between the cardboard cutout and the other exemplary items showcased in this Chapter, Chaos is none too happy about Garfield as a roommate.
  • Chaos loudly (and within presumed earshot of a hurt Garfield) chastises Lex for playing with his hopes about what happened. Lex is having none of it.
  • Chaos makes a bargain with himself to get out of the mess he's in (despite him fully deserving said mess). Garfield tries to relate to Chaos, with some stories from "old times in a Sangromancy class" and other implications that Garfield genuinely appreciates Wizardry. Chaos is still salty at Lex, but takes it out on Garfield; Garfield quickly fights back with equal voracity, unsure of how else to operate with the newfound acquaintance due to a mixture of poor social skills and empathy with a perturbed-but-politely-trying-to-ignore-everything Lex.
  • Timeskip to 7:00 AM, the next day. Chaos throws a pillow at his alarm, but resignedly gets up as "When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."
  • Chaos attempts to fulfill his bargain with himself, isolating himself from Lex and Garfield as they go about their respective days. He applies for many jobs, only to be rebuked due to his criminal records being a major obstacle to him otherwise qualifying for vital roles - most notably as a curator for a Clock Museum in Rivergate. He settles on a HappyMart position, several hours later. It is only upon leaving for it that he acknowledges that Lex "probably" has a job of his own.
  • He encounters a Drow named Leigh, who is passing along on rollerskates, and is uproariously rude to him. This nets Leigh the sympathy of the local passersby, with Chaos heading to HappyMart.
  • Oddly enough, Chaos begins work immediately. Things start to go smoothly, despite training being weird and despite some odd Guests.
  • Lunch break arrives. The closest restaurant is a cereal cafe - while it's not considered the "best" thing in Towningdale, the idea of a cereal cafe is endearing to him.
  • Chaos meets Tracy, who owns the cafe. He also encounters a gaggle of hipsters, whose harsh jabs at him wound his ego.
  • Chaos heads back to work, only to find that things are getting progressively more awful. He eventually cracks under the pressure, much to the ire of the boss (Felicia) who summons him. Upon being informed of the low starting salary ($7.50/hr), Chaos mouths off Felicia and "quits" in a fashion that also gets him violently thrown out by Security.
  • Chaos returns home, dejected (and in full costume, which he claims he "stole" in order to make himself feel better about the sordid ordeal). Lex inquires about the day, surprised at Chaos' fastidiousness to returning to a normal life. Chaos grumbles about how it ended up not being worth it, but Lex offers kind words in order to help Chaos accept his current situation. The fact Chaos tried at all and got somewhere is enough to ameliorate Lex's prior impatience with him.
  • Garfield proves a tougher nut to crack, but he begrudgingly accepts Chaos' tenure as "the other roommate." They come to a mutual understanding that things in Towningdale aren't attainable on a dime, and that effort is required to make it work. Garfield had his own issues to deal with in the interim, which the next Chapter covers.