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  • Chaos and Lex are in the apartment; today is one of Lex's days off. They talk about the Bank fiasco from No Hall Like Town Hall, and Xavier having used it to get a selfie with Chaos and introduce himself to the Anarchomancer. Lex hearkens that it was probably just an attempt to gain rapport with a very-obviously-new-to-Towningdale townsperson, Chaos is paranoid and wonders if he's a "person of interest" to the up-and-coming candidate for the Senatorial Campaign.
  • Garfield's absence is noted; the camera cuts to him brutally editing scientific journals in NoxCorp.
  • Chaos then laments his actions as of Tea & Crumpets Redux, in having destroyed Garfield's AxeSword. A light-bulb appears in Chaos' head, but before he can act on anything, he gets a call from a blacksmithing position in Forgeheim.
  • Cut to Forgeheim, with Chaos marveling at something new to him; while it's not far off from Downtowningdale, it serves as Towningdale's "Union Station," with a sizable Dwarven populace said to be the highest in all of Republic Island. A trolley passes Chaos by, with him seeing them branch out to other parts of Towningdale.
  • Lex follows Chaos, opting to at least steer Chaos on the path towards going legitimate, through covert use of his ice cream truck.
  • Chaos meets the leader of the blacksmithing position - a blue-Haired Hellrider with a Cajun accent, by the name of Doctorate. The conversation had directly implies that Doctorate had knowledge of Chaos' records, and shows Doctorate to empathize with Chaos' struggles. Doctorate mentions that the wages of this position are $11.65/hr, which Chaos finds acceptable compared to the $7.25/hr he would have made at HappyMart.
  • Doctorate tries to teach Chaos how to be an apprentice blacksmith. Though Chaos' failures are dramatique, they are also bittersweet; Doctorate is patient-but-firm with Chaos.
  • Lex goes to get lunch, at a Vietnamese restaurant not far off from Doctorate & Chaos - Pho King Chicken.
  • Lex high-fives Jules, but then recognizes he was interrupting a conversation betwixt Jules, Gordon, and Leigh. Before Jules can reassure Lex everything is fine, he bolts to the bathroom, much to the confusion of Gordon and the annoyance of Leigh.
  • Lex heads back out, and decides to find a table to himself in order to focus on finishing his lunch and then returning to ensuring Chaos doesn't get hurt.
  • Chaos and Doctorate are cut back to, partway through the long training. Doctorate assures an upset Chaos that this sort of thing, or doing anything else "legit," takes time. Chaos goes back at it.
  • Garfield finishes editing the scientific journals, and heads to Surreal Cereals to converse with Tracy.
  • The Pho King Chicken gets held up by robbers, which inadvertently ruins Lex's lunch.
  • Lex, alongside Jules/Gordon/Leigh, deal with the robbers through both physical (Lex, Gordon) and social (Jules, Leigh) combat.
  • Garfield watches the news of the Pho King Chicken robbery attempt via a television in Surreal Cereals.
  • Chaos and Doctorate catch the news, through a television in the break room.
  • Lex/Jules/Gordon/Leigh all succeed in dealing with the robbers, though Lex vanishes almost immediately, letting the trio take the credit for stopping the robbers at Pho King Chicken.
  • Jacqueline overhears of their stopping the robbery; she conspires to enlist their help with the upcoming Fundraiser, while also on the phone with Stephanie (and by proxy, Xavier).
  • Chaos' training session with Doctorate comes to an end. They part ways on terms that are surprisingly peaceful (at least, for a Hellraiser), especially when Chaos finds out that the blacksmiths Doctorate is employing have been contracted by Xavier D'Arque to help repair movie memorabilia items of high expense to be auction items, which has ultimately been what Chaos' work has led to helping. Chaos is given a pamphlet of the Fundraiser on his more-triumphant-than-at-HappyMart journey home.
  • This Chapter would theoretically end here.