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Agrob was a prison guard whom Chaos talked to. From what was observed in the Chaos Pilot, she was someone who was familiar with Chaos' antics while in prison. Evidently, she did not have much of a character role - she was used as a narrative device to identify details of Chaos to showcase "What's The Deal With Chaos?"

I wanted to include Agrob in more things, to help make sure she and other Chaos Pilot characters would be remembered beyond "silent cameos." There was another guard (one who rifled through Chaos' old belongings - which were telltale signs of what possessions he found to be important) who I gave the generic orc name of "Krusk" to, just so he would have one. I did this to ensure that - even if Krusk and Agrob never appeared again after Chaos Pilot, that they would have names and be semi-memorable. Most characters in novels have names, even if they're forgettable, and a lot of my writing inspiration comes from them.

I had a plan to have Agrob show up in all of the Pilot Trio, at different jobs. The joke would have been that she had a lot of part-time jobs, due to how shitty the US economy was otherwise (and how getting full-time at most places as an Orc was brutally difficult, due to treatment issues). Unfortunately, I started recognizing that maybe a prison warden who was also a waitress and also a chauffeur for Jules Rosenberg would overload any character, much less a minor one like Agrob.

Sephiroth and I came to an agreement of "let's have Agrob return when we need to throw someone else in prison," which got me thinking about how she could show up in the last few Chapters of Wikihood Volume 1 as someone who was a prison guard in places where DuTempi mobsters would go, assuming the drama with Xavier D'Arque had the correct consequences once everything was brought to light by both Debonair D'Arque and by news outlets everywhere. Unfortunately, aside from that kind of a cameo, I did not have much for Agrob that wasn't already vetoed.