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The last straw

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Homestar tiger sat at his desk in the Anti-Pesto headquarters, scribbling a picture of a Grundy. He darkened the outline and breathed heavily. He turned on his portable TV. The first thing he saw was an advertisement for Homestar Tiger chairs. He groaned and turned off the TV. He picked up some unopened letters from the corner. He opened one from Homsar44withpie. All there was was a stupid picture of a Coach Z butt. Homestar tiger started to get angry. Someone walking by his cubicle spun his buzzer cap. Homestar tiger smacked it still with his invisible hand. Then he decided to look through his awards. There was nothing special. Just some 3rd and 4th prizes. But what made him really mad was he had 3 "the best fanstuf ever!! 1!" awards. He tried on those fanstuffs. He really did. Homestar tiger thought "That's it." He stood up, grabbed his keys and left the Anti-Pesto virus protection headquarters.

"Where is Homestar tiger!?" Shwoo was yelling at Homestar cheetah, H*T's brother.
"Chill, lady. He's in his room. What worries me is-he's been in there for four days. Locked." Homestar Cheetah said.
Shwoo walked up to Homestar tiger's door and jiggled the doorknob. "Tiger, let me in!"
"No!" Cried an upset voice.
"Well, I'm breaking in!!"