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Something needs to be done.


{Open to the two}

HENRY: So to conclude, no, Sylvester McCoy is not part cat.

QUINT: And neither am I.

HENRY: You're not?

QUINT: We went over this. I told you. Don't you remember?

HENRY: No, not at all.

QUINT: For fuck's sake, Henry, why don't you remember this conversation? This must be like the third time now.

HENRY: I think you're paranoid, Quint. Think about all the things that exist in this universe. You think we've even come close to talking about them all? Don't be-

QUINT: Absurd?

HENRY: How did you know what I was going to say?

QUINT: Because you've said it all before, Henry. You say we can't discuss all these things, Henry, but tell me, do you even remember how long we've even been travelling? Because I fucking can't! I don't even think I know anything else but see and sky and you, Henry, so tell me, HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN TRAVELLING?

HENRY: I don't know, let's ask Redford.

QUINT: Maybe we should.

HENRY: nah