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The World's Greatest/86

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ho ho ho. santa quit being so misogynistic.


{Open to the two}

HENRY: Quint, tell me a story.

QUINT: A man fucks a Gregs pasty. His dick gets superpowers.

HENRY: How very vulgar, Quint.

QUINT: I'm sorry. It's just something I read on the internet.

HENRY: But Quint, we don't even get wi-fi!

HENRY: Also, it's 1972.

QUINT: Groovy, funky.

HENRY: Why are we in 1972. Quint what did you do.

QUINT: I did what I had to do. For my country.

HENRY: Which is?

QUINT: The year 1972. My entire country is stuck in suspended animation there. Please help us.

{Short pause}

HENRY: Looks like Grandpa's off his meds again!!

{Laugh track. Quint talks as everyone laughs over him}

QUINT: no please im in great danger

{The laugh gets louder}