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control urself. take only what you neeeeeed from it.


{Open to the two}

QUINT: Henry I've been thinking. "Who Let the Dogs Out". What does it mean?

HENRY: It's a song about dogs. They escaped from prison. What more do you need to know?

QUINT: Are you sure? I feel like it's some kind of metaphor. Perhaps for the deteriorating geopolitical situation in the Middle East?

HENRY: You're expecting a bit much from the Baha Men. They're not a political band, like Rednex.

QUINT: Yeah. God Cotton-Eye Joe is a preachy song.

HENRY: Yeah. I like my music apolitical and filled with phat beats I can bug out too - Cotton-Eye Joe only fits one of those criteria.

{Short pause}

QUINT: I let the dogs out.

{A dog climbs out of Quint's mouth.}