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The World's Greatest/77

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1 o clock 2 o clock 4 o clock BUTT


{Open to the two}

THE TWO: Hello, I'm the two!

{Cut to the two, the two being Quint and Henry}

HENRY: Burnt Oak, South Kensington, Canada Water, Mornington Crescent. BOOM!

QUINT: how are you so good at this game

HENRY: Some say I have a gift. Others say I obsessively spend every waking moment detailing tube stations. Both are wrong.

QUINT: You're probably right.

HENRY: Damn right, I'm right.

{Shooooort Paaauuuuse}

HENRY: I'm bored of Mornington Crescent now.

QUINT: Me too. Maybe we should play something else?

HENRY: Russian Roulette!!

QUINT: in home country we call it yankee killer

{Henry pulls out a gun and murders Quint}

QUINT: That hurt

HENRY: Sorry, I was just annoyed about your suggestion not being Mornington Crescent.

QUINT: You win this time, helicopter fuck