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The World's Greatest/68

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the world's greatest has over 2000 views and that is quite sad


{Open to the two}

HENRY: I have a question. It's pretty heavy. What does the J in J20 stand for?

QUINT: Jeremiah. And contrary to popular belief, the "O" does not stand for oxygen, but rather Ortiz, and the 2 means "the second". The drink is named for its creator, the legendarily fruity Jeremiah Ortiz the second of the Ortiz residence.

HENRY: Maybe we should visit the Ortiz residence.

QUINT: I'd rather not, I hear the place is filled with balloons and pictures of footballers' dads.

HENRY: You're right. That sounds like a nightmare house.

QUINT: It is - John Terry's dad is well known for his overreliance on drugs.

HENRY: And that's terrible! I'd never be a drug!


fuck you no short pauses this week