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The World's Greatest/66

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No-one in the world knows the lyrics to the fresh price theme.


{Open to the two}

QUINT: Who am I!?!

HENRY: The queen. The queen...OF ENGLAND!

QUINT: I think you expected that to be like some weird thing to say, but England has a queen. She's like, 14 years old too.

HENRY: Does she she she squeeze gats?

QUINT: Until the clip es vacío.

HENRY: We be straight up trippin, gangsta rapper! Hoo dat krazy boy, livin in a krazy void?

{Short pause}

QUINT: I'd be very comfortable if you never spoke to me again.

HENRY: Too bad, Quinty boy! Today is opposite day, so you're comfortable with me ALWAYS SPEAKING TO YOU FOR THE REST OF TIIIIME!

QUINT: oh noo